Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I had to post this video, and Danny actually sent it to me in an email, maybe I have a weird sense of humor but its soooo true, I think moms have a special sense of tolerance that comes when they have kids, Men think they are so tough but I think this video shows the real side of them :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

7 Random Facts

Ive been Dared !

1. Well my mind is completely Blank so I'm just going to start ............humm. Well I have always loved any kind of Art, I haven't got to keep up on painting but my new project is painting and updating my home. for now the kitchen, next up my entertainment center.

2. I absolutely love animals, my little dog nacho is like another kid.

3. I love to play volleyball, especially outside in the sun.

4. Im a terrible cook, I can mess up jello! I always beg Danny to cook. (hes amazing)

5. I would rather watch UFC or the office before I would watch a chick flick. seriously they are never that good, its always about cheating and divorce and action is way more exciting :)

6. Im extremely claustrophobic. (I have to be on top when we hug ) It works out cuz I'm tall.

7. I love love love being a mom, lately Gracy will let me brush her hair and so we usually put in monsters inc or the Incredibles and do hair and toenails :)

I Dare......Tiff, Ashli Painter, Sheridan, Alisha, and Nahomi.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What a Trip!

Well first off taking a baby on an air plane by yourself is definatley an experience. I have the cutest pictures of Gracy on the plane, we got so lucky and noone sat by us on the way to KC so Gracy got her own seat and just sat there like a big girl :)

We were so excited to see Tiff, ry and Bailey after our little adventure we have been dying to give them baths together, its so funny how bathtime is such a special time with babies. Its honestley one of my favorites and on top of that we got to let them spend time together. Bailer kept pulling Gracys hair and Gracy would just laugh. She just loves her cousin so much.
We Shopped probabley ten days out of the 11 I was there :) seriously there is nothing better than having a sister you can shop for hours and hours on end. We got the girls matching easter dresses and also matching plka dot dresses for their first birthdays...... Tiff and I are the biggest bargain shoppers of the universe. so we spent alot of time at khols and target :) seriously they have the cutest baby stuff. Well I have to say im so jelous of both of my sisters, they both can cook and both are so stinkin creative, tiff taught me how to make the cutest baby bows, I loved it because Gracy's head wont keep headbands in so we made a few. Our #1 store we spent most of our time at was Hobby lobby, we just printed off our 40% off coupons and spent like 4 hours there everyday lol. we got lots of fun projects to keep us busy :)
I am in love with this picture so much. Bailey is seriously growing up so much, and she flashes her baby blues and I just melt. She is so funny. I miss her so much already.
So as many others I am in love with the Cheesecake factory, Last year around the same time danny drove me out to see tiff and ry and we were about 6 1\2 months pregnant nd we totally couldnt enjoy the food. it was torture. Its the worst feeling to know that you like something but because of pregnancy it tastes awful lol. anyway we had to make amense and we ordered the Chicken Madera.....and its amazing ....we totally just share everything when we eat out. I love it. Anyway, the girls are there just out of the picture,,,,,i think both of them each ate there own loaf of apetizer bread, They both are a bunch of copy cats if one of the girls do something the other has to try it. its amazing at 7 months they have already got that figured out :)
This is one of Gracy's new things she learned while we were gone. she found her toungue and just sticks it out so far. I think its so cute.
I love my brother in law, he was so good about letting Gracy and I stay for so long. He is so good with Gracy, I even caught him picking one of her boogers out for her lol. He is such a good Dad, The first couple days I know Gracy was missing her daddy and Ryan really helped her .
This is at this out door shopping mall called Zonerosa, its soo fun, Ry took all us girls to The Trex restoraunt its really pretty neat, he knew the Dinasaurs would make me feel at home.....or make me feel like more of a hic lol. but they decorated the entire restoraunt with moving machanical lifesize dinosaurs lol. they theamed the levels in the building the upstairs was like the ice age, Gracy loved it so much it was really pretty amazing. Ryan baught some Nachos and we all flipped i know the picture doesnt really show how big it was but it really was a heaping pile of nachos lol. They had these huge cylindars full of tropical fish and Gracy was obsessed with them and so we got a picture by one.

we made the girls some cross bone iron on t shirts, we thought they were pretty funny

"Wipe Me Booty " lol

We went over to the Grady's house on Sat. it was 70 degrees! seriously heaven. I was just loving the weather. Anyway The Grady's are Ryans parents and so they pute up a volley ball net and we played for a while. It was one of my favorite parts of our trip, Anyway, I asked tiff to take some pictures and she took them all with me in it, sorry lol. I dont even know what I was doing.

Here is the cutest easter dress ever, and yes we know Its not easter yet but we couldnt wait so they got to wear them to church. it was so fun, they jabbered to each other all through sacrament meating :)

So we did drink a 24 pack and also two other12 packs yes ...... we may need to go to pop rehab, when the gardner sisters get together we tend to suddenley retain these addictive habbits lol. in a week and a half that may be a world record>

Please please dont think Tiff and I are terrible people lol. But this was one of my favorite nights ........seriously Tiff and I get pretty silly when it gets late and poor ryan was such and easy target, he didnt even seem that mad wehn he finally woke up to us busting up laughing. seriousley he is the hardest sleeper I have ever meet. lol. Anyway, the picture kindof says it all. So we also made a few valentines cards for the family back in utah. Tiff takes teh most amazing pictures. She has this super nice camera and we did a TON of photo shoots I will have to do another post for the pictures we took .

So first off I was so happy to get to spend so much time with my sister and seriousley it was much needed My sisters are by far by best friends and Im so blessed to have them.I am so thankful I was able to take a vacation. But I missed my Danny!!!! I cant tell you how sweet all the things he did for me when I got home. For one thing, I left the house a tornado before I left, and it was seriously spotless, I didnt know a man could clean like that and he did, and he even made the bed exactley how I like it. He also made me the most amazing Valentines dinner ....... Fillet minon` and Lobster tail with cous cous :) I know fancy shmancy, . Anyway, I just love love love my husband, my good little girl and my family, I had so much fun on my trip but sometimes you forget how much you love your life, I love Danny and how he is such a great Daddy and a great Husband.