Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bailey and Gracy's First Christmas!!!

This is Bailey and Gracy's SECOND time seeing each other since they were born, I cant believe they are almost 6 months already, it has gone by SOOO fast.
Its so fun to see them notice each other and reach for each other. They will be doing and going through the same things there entire life. sitting up, crawling, walking, kindergarten, high school, college, its fun for me to think about. oh and Gracy's feet aren't really that big, her Robeez shoes are just a bit big but they are the only shoes that stay on her feet, I highly recommend investing in a pair for anyone with a baby.

They Drove here all the way from Kansas City Missouri!! that's like a 14 hour drive. They split the trip up and stayed in Denver but seriously, Tiff said little Bailer was a trooper the whole way, not very many babies would do that well on such a long drive. Heck I cant hardly make that drive with out going stir crazy!

Here are the proud Dads! This is Ryan my brother-in-law, They just pulled in the driveway when we took this picture, they all were so tired. This Christmas is going to be so fun.

More pictures to come. I just couldnt wait to post these.

Fraggle Rock or Troll Doll???

OK OK I have to explain
my little Fraggle baby, Danny thinks she looked like those little Trolls with the Gem belly button, lol. so I was sitting there straightening my hair with Gracy hangin out next to me in her Bumbo, when I suddenly had this great idea to try it out on her. She usually watches me so intensely when i get ready and so I tried a chunk of hair to see how she would react to it and she froze solid and acted like she liked it. 2 Minutes later, this is what Gracy looked like, We are still laughing about it. I honestly cant believe we have such a good natured little girl. Shes hilarious. Her hair is like 4 1\2 inches long already!!! Shes only 6 months old!!! I cant wait till she starts walking and talking, it just means more fun! I never really REALLY understood the blessing a baby until I got my own. What a joy.

Christmas Tree Hunting!

White Rocks Canyon is so beautiful right now, after we got our tree we drove through the canyon and the Beavers cut down so many trees, it made such a mess on the road. There was this really pretty blanket of Fog that sat right on the tops of the mountains. I wish these pictures showed half of how pretty it was up there. We were lucky enough to find a Pinyin, they smell SO good, and its really a very full and pretty tree, BUT.......when we got it in the house we realized its DRIPPING with SAP! So Ive had to put newspaper everywhere. Totally worth it though, this tree smells the house of Christmas.!!!!

Look at our Nacho dog, She isnt our little puppy anymore. We love her.

Gracy did so well, I was so worried about her getting cold but she was pretty warm with her snowsuit on. She LOVES the outdoors, watching the leaves blow on the trees and even the cold on her cheeks. What a daddy's girl.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steamboat Trip

We took a mini vacation to Steamboat Springs the weekend after Thanksgiving. Our good friends have a timeshare there and we just ran up there for a few days. It was so beautiful and nice to just go relaxe.. I love the little touristy towns, Danny and I went Grocery shopping the first morning to make breakfast and everyone was WAY friendley It was funny how everyone noticed the new comers. This is The DADS carring Carson and Gracy, while Brooke and I shopped. SO FUN.

Gracy is only like 2 1\2 months older than Carson but seriously look how big she is, lol. She always has this suprised look on her face, I guess the flash is startling. I just love her leg warmers, they are the best invention ever. makes changing a diaper fast fast!

Brook is getting to be so good at taking pictures with her camera, I loved this one, Gracy's cheeks and overflowing her little snowsuit. Theres nothing better than a nice healthy Chubby Gracy Girl, I love her so much. And on top of that her cute little unicorn hat we got her.

christmas Tag

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? I only used to drink Egg Nog at my Grandma Morrisons in her special Santa Cups :) Other wise NO WAY MAN!

2.Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? Well Growing up they were set out and The same for Gracy. :)

3. Colored or white Christmas lights? White

4.Hang Mistletoe? Well working in Floral shops through the years we always got fresh Mistletoe and I would hang it in my apartment, it was fun, but now that I have a different occupation I dont take the time to buy it :)

5. When do you put up your decorations? usually asap after thanksgiving but this year we have for sure been slackers, I admit that we have just barely gotten our tree up last weekend!!! i know we for sure need some chastising !

6. fav Holiday dish? Turkey dinner! the whole thing I love it all. I have been really loving Home made Honey taffy, yum-o

7.fav Holiday memory: Just being together as a family, I think I'm excited to make new memories , it s Gracy's first Christmas!

8. When did you find out the truth about Santa? I don't remember I think I just eventually grew out of it and figured it out, no one really told me.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Always ......Christmas pj's

10. How do you decorate your tree? Lime green and Gold this year:)

11. Can you ice skate? Sorda....I'm not to Graceful, maybe if I had some incentive ...maybe a competitive game ........hummm. it seems a little pointless lol. just going in circles is funny to me.

12. fav gift? Danny proposed to me Christmas Eve in 2006 :) That was a pretty good gift.

13. most important thing about the holidays? just being with family, We usually act out the nativity scene and reading the story from the scriptures.

14. fav holiday desert? I'm not picky, I like it all.

15.Holiday tradition? well Ive probably listed my favs already, but another one is we always have instant breakfast and toaster strudels for breakfast, we never got those as a kid only on special occasions , it was quit a treat.

16. Tops your tree? berries or a star

17. giving or receiving? Both.

18. Fav Christmas song? Rockin around the Christmas tree, and Where are you Christmas sung by Faith Hill

19.Is Christmas to commercialized? I think that sometimes the real meaning of Christmas is lost, and I do it always stressing about giving the perfect gift and making the perfect meal, all that matters is getting everyone together safely and having a good time, remembering our saviour and the gifts he's given us .

I tag tiff, Ashley P. and Alisha W.

Christmas Tag

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This little girl surprises me everyday. Shes always had this little stiff body and last night she started balancing and wanting to walk...Danny started walking her around a little bit and she was loving every second of it. She is such an amazing little girl. So full of personality and is so hilarious, honestly she makes me laugh till I cry all the time. I guess we wore her out because she got up once to eat at 8 this morning and then slept till 10!!! Shes always slept through the night but never till 10 in the morning. On top of that usually when she has a good night she wakes us crying because she starving to death, well I walked in to see if she was still asleep and she was just smiling and giggling to herself. I don't know how I got to be blessed with such a good little girl. I love my Gracy! By the way ...... there is this book called "Baby Wise" my sister in law gave to me and I swear to it, if you dont read any other chapter in the book read the Sleeping section, your kids WILL sleep through the night!

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Snow!

I dont know if you can tell but I thought I would take a pictures of the FIRST snow. Im a little torn because its always so fun when it snows but it tends to get old fast here in the Basin. So anyway, I hope our little house can survive through winter !

Tickley Whiskers

Growing up my dad used to rub our hands and feet down his face and his whiskers would make us laugh and laugh so hard. Its so neat to see him doing the same things I loved as a kid to Gracy. Im so suprised I got a few seconds of it on video, she was laughing even harder right before I pulled out the camera, but thats how it goes :)

My little Rag muffin!

This is Gracy's new little hat we got her at Steamboat Springs, I couldnt resist it. it looks pretty Boyish but if you look close it has unicorn patterns on it :) They had alot of little baby Boutiques with the cutest clothes, not that So we ended up with this little hat. (oh and a little baseball with pink stitches that Grandpa Rico picked up in SLC) Look at those chubby legs, shes catching up with her cousin Bailey!...they can be Thunder Thigh cousins:)

Ive been deep cleaning the house and I didnt really get around to doing my hair or Gracy's hair and so we both looked like little RAG MUFFINS the whole day, But I still thought she was the cutest thing ever,

This is Gracy smiling in her sleep, lol. She has been doing that alot.......sleeping with her eyes open and smiling. It looks cute in the picture but sometimes its a little freaky looking over thinking shes asleep and her eyes are slightley open with a grin on her face. What a girl!

Diamond Mountain

Yes I found my camera, now I can catch up. So ...... My mom and dad took Danny and I on a little four wheeling trip the monday after Thanksgiving to go scout for deer. We found about 2 bucks that were worth shooting. It was soo fun. But SUPER cold. We went up to Diamond Mnt, right when the sun was setting.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I have been taking my camera with me through all of my festivities and was so excited to update things with the holiday fun. Well, I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! this has been happening to just about everyone I know and now, I guess I got paranoid and it ended up happening ot me. Its so frustrating, especially since I had pictures on it I wanted. Anyway. Thats why my blog is slackin'. But on a brighter note, Thanksgiving was so fun. It was with my side of the family this year and we had dinner at Grandma Marie's house. She is such an amazing cook. Its so wierd how you end up anticipating this huge dinner and then its over in like MINUTES! after we just sat and played games and ate more food the rest of the night. Friday night was "holly days" in downtown vernal, its pretty fun. They have festival of trees and a parade and they actually roast chestnuts on an open fire.....yeah I know, our little town of vernal may be overduing it :) Anyway I think Gracy really loved it even though I know she was pretty cold through the whole thing. Saturday was my mom's suprise 50th Birthday party, it was so hard keeping it from her the entire holiday. but it turned out so sister and I b aked a ton of pumpkin cupcakes that had little suckers on the top saying ....."50 sucks" it was pretty funny, it was fun to see my mom so suprised and happy. Im Glad its all over now. its nice to have a little break before this weekend comes........yep there is more.......over the summer our friends Blake and Brooke Sprouse invited us to spend this coming weekend in their timeshare up in Steamboat Springs, we all have that nasty cold going around and are so pooped from the holday but .......I think I have a little more room for some relaxing and fun with friends.

Thats it until Christmas!!!I cant believe there is NO SNOW YET!!!!! Its kinda nice since we were all snowed in last year at this time :)