Monday, March 28, 2011

Volleyball Tourny!

OH, we survived the weekend ! It was really an amazing one at that. Grandpa Binghams funeral was really great, I had a good time learning about that side of my family and catching up with family, Gracy had a ball playing with her cousins. It was a real eye opener to see how similar Danny is with his Grandpa Bingham, even comparing Melvins younger photos to danny was pretty cool, even their habbits are alot alike. So I guess I know what danny will look like when he is old, the good hair and all.

Danny was so good to take Gracy saturday all day while I played in the Split Mountain Tournement. It was so fun! We really did amazing as a team, and played over 12 games just saturday alone! it was pretty intense. Infact we had a bunch of injuries and none of us know how we played so well! Amanda sprained her ankle, Jenica tweeked her neck, Chrissy sprained her wrist, and I unfortunatley didnt have a volleyball related injury I slipped on some ice before my games even started, Graceful...I know. Wish I could say I was going in for a huge spike and won the winning point or something cool, but no, Cracked my elbow on the ice. Awsome, but made it through the day and amazingley we put up really good fight for 1st.....we took 2nd place in the super B league. Not to bad for some old married moms right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last and coming weekend shtufff......

Well, no pictures, i may have to bum some off my mother,anyways...My cousin Trevor is now married!! wahoo right? his reception was last weekend and that means we get to have the schultise family and feltch side of the family come back to Vernal. Sometimes years go by and we dont get to see each other, so its so neat to meet every ones new additions and not only that we had two other two year olds that Gracy just had a ball with. makes me wish we could all live closer so I could borrow their kids for a few hours. Gracy loves having playmates, its so cute watching three little two year olds play .... their imaginations are amazing!I also got to do my cousins makeup monday morning, I was excited for some girl time :)

I love to remember the Easters we used to have with all the cousins, playing in Granny Laura's Daisy's and strawberry patches, trying to catch the wild rabbits and eating those little juice filled wax candies, playing Annie-I-over and pretending the sprinkler holes were duck ponds, oh how I miss the good ol' days.

Well this weekend is also very eventful, Danny's Grandpa passed away, he finally gets to be with his sweetheart and we are all very excited for him :) We will be attending his funeral this weekend, we are excited to spend some family time with the binghams :) Danny just adores his Grandparents, lately he has been telling me all of his fond memories of the time he spent with them as a kid, what amazing people they are. I know this is wierd but I wish sometimes that I could go back and experience those great youthful experiences with him, and have him know those parts in my life as well, he always tells me how he wishes I knew his grandparents back when he was younger, I feel the same way. I think Danny and Granny Laura would have hit it off quit well :)

Good ol' Milton (danny's buddy) has a wedding open house on Friday, on top of that I have been signed up for a big volley tourny all weekend.(not looking forward to a week of walking like a cripple, but excited we have a killer tough team!!)

Gracy is super funny lately, something she did today: so she knows the ringtone for when her dad calls and we race to see who can answer my phone the fastest everytime haha, how cute is that, she usually beats me!

I was thinking today, and ya know, im happiest when im busy :)