Monday, January 26, 2009

Kansas City Ready or not!!

Gracy and I are going on our FIRST plane ride this sunday. Danny got me a plane ticket to go visit my sister in KC Missouri. He is always so good to let me go. The problem is ive seriously been so sheltered Ive never flown in a plane before..i know...iknow....its sad, but on top of that I will be taking Gracy with me so I think it will be interesting. We got a non=stop flight so it really wont be to bad...I think I just have the willy's from that flight that crashed into the Hudson. I dont think I would even care if it was just me going but Im all nervous for her. forsure a winer about it but more so....very very excited, because.....Ive been saving my pennies, and Tiff and I are going to do alot of shopping. :) Im going to stay for 11 days!!! I know, Tiff and poor Ryan are probabley going to get sick of me but I figure .....hey lets get our moneys worth.....plane tickets arent that cheep, Also We are really trying to let those girls see each other as much as possible ;) And I cant go to long with out seeing Tiff. Seriously, I wish I could explain the relationship I have with my siblings, we all have so much fun and are so close .... Ill never forget when Tiff, corinne and I all lived in the provo orem area ..... we always had sleepovers and seriously tiff was like our mother for a few years........she always cooked for us, an amazing treat maker by the way..... I probabley owe Tiff and Ry an entire years worth of rent for how much I was over there :) It was so nice to have somewhere to go besides the appartment :) Still to this day I just love her todeath.....I look up to her and Ry so much. even comes as close as me having the same diaper bag her lol. I know........ im a dork. but for realls .....I just am so blessed to have my sisters, I miss them so much, its really hard to be apart for so long......and live so far away from each other.....thank goodness for email, and blogging :) I cant wait to post our adventure in the next week. I cant belive the girls will be 7 MONTHS!!!

Eclaire Cake!!!!!!

I honestly feel like a failure to the woman club. I see everyone with there holiday pie's and turkeys that they cooked over Christmas and the one thing I attempted was really hard for even me to choke down lol. I will now admit it......I CANT COOK!!! not only just cook....but I REALLY CANT BAKE. I really really try. Honestly I do. I follow the recipes to the T. Poor Danny, he chokes down every bit of dinner every night and still gives me a kiss and asks for more. And something else Danny is a Fabulous cook. He really really loves it to. He picked up some really good skills in Spain when he was there on his mission. He maid the most delicious lemon chicken the other day, no recipe , just whipped up this whole chicken. Anyway...the point of my post is that I found a really yummy recipe that is a NO BAKE, Eclair cake :) I cant even mess this one up. So I thought I would share it with everyone.

2 boxes instant french vanilla pudding
1 container of whipped topping
Graham Crackers
1 brick cream cheese.
Chocolate frosting

mix both boxes of instant pudding as directed, fold in the entire container of whipped topping. Layer a 9 by 12 pan with Graham crackers so the bottom is covered, distribute 1\2 of the pudding mixture on top of Grams. another layer of pudding and Grams. Let set up in the fridge for a few hours and then mix the desired amount of Cream cheese in with the chocolate frosting and spread over top. refrigerate again. :) Then just cut it like a cake and its got these pretty layers and surprisingly tastes allot like an eclair.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AFter Christmas

This is our family pictures this year......yup point and shoot :) nothin fancy shmancy but its seriously getting harder to get pictures with everyone in it. especially with everyones schedules. Our family is growing growing!
Giving luvs. They are already Best buddies!

My beautiful mother and NOT so little Brother. (Hes already 16!) I swear I used to totally beat him up and push him around now hes totally huge and he could throw me across the room. LOL. Funny how that comes back to bite ya.

Me and Tiff.....K so we have this bowling after christmas tradition and seriously Tiff beat me and she is so tiny she cna hardly hold up the bowling ball, lol. I know ive always been able to Womp on Tiff but how the heck did she beat me ??? I totally sucked it up this year. Bummer.

More Christmas.

This is such an Imbarrassing picture of me and I hate posting pictures with me in it...but I had to show our first christmas....also, danny and I promised not to get eachother anything because we got our presents a small shopping spree and a pistol. He is so thoughtful and cute and got me a ZEN, I know. havent heard of it huh...yeah its a cool little MP3, WITH RADIO i kow my husband it the best.
Gracy figuring out the present thing....she liked the wrapping better than the gifts :)

This is Aunt Lisa and uncle Konrad in his clone suit...Gracy could not figure out why he was wearing that the entire christmas morning :)

Her are the kids with their Christmas jammies on!
Adi, Konrad, Bridger, Annie, Jeramy, Gracy and Preston

It was Gracy's First Christmas! we were so excited to spend it with Grandma nd Grandpa Bingham, to be honest it was my first year away from my family this year and it was so fun. It also was Danny and I's first year as mommy and daddy. I seriously was so excited to watch my little girl open her first present. I am so affraid of missing all of those precious moments. what a blessing to have such amazing family.

RedNeck Christmas!

So I still have a bunch more pictures to post from christmas but here are some of my favorites......yeah, Gracy got alot of CAMO ....... and I just love it so much, I dont think anyone can pull off Camo like Gracy Lou can. :) Danny also decided to go ahead and put on the cute little Gap skirt Corinne got her so she matches really well :) and ya know I seriously laugh so hard at this because danny would totally dress her up like this ........he has before. I come home from work and hes got her all duded up. I just love it. I seriously live for moments like this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Regis and Kelly

Hey everyone!!! yeah its me the blogging failure! i havent updated in forever......I am home sick today and my parents took gracy for me sooo Ive finally got some time to post some holiday pics and such. But I have a favor of all of my blogging my mom told me about the Regis and Kelly cute baby contest.....( Tiff,Ashli, Adree and Nahomi you guys need to register the girls in this aswell) and so I was like.......shoot, its free and you can win stuff, I didnt even go take any new pictures of Gracy I just went through and picked out a cute one from like a month ago. Just a heads up......they arent shooting for super professional pictures just "in the moment" pictures, and then you email everyone and send them the link and they go on the site and Vote! Please Vote for Gracy! Love you forever, (that is unless you enter your own little one ... then vote for them)