Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gracy and Carson sittin' in a tree

Gracy has a little buddy that comes over every once in a while to play and its such a nice break. They really entertain each other and really play well together. Today Gracy insisted that its Sunday ..... and she needs to wear a dress, end of story. I had to put a stop to all the kissing going on! Gracy got Cinderella from her aunt coco for Valentines day and she keeps calling Carson "Charming" as in her prince charming. Think a two year old can really put two and two together??? I feel im in some serious trouble when this little girl gets older, especially when its not cute anymore. lol. Anyway I just LOVE that Gracy has such an enormous imagination. She pretends the funniest things and sometimes not so funny last week when she was pretending Frank (our Am.Bull dog) was her baby and made him lay on his back while she applied a liberal amount of Desitin to his "diaper rash", yeah and he was totally submitting to her, poor dog got violated for sure. Sadly I didn't take the time to take a picture of that one....I was worried for my desitin covered house and for sanitising Gracy's fingers. But through the terrible messes in the past few weeks I am LOVING my little girl. here is a few...

1. she has been into telling secrets, this involves soft jibberish and her little cupped hand around her mouth ... sometimes she holds on to my hair or face and literally just melt away.

2. insists shes "ella" (Cinderella)

3. Mommy .. I princess.

4. when i tell her to do something she comely says "Thats ok mom, im ok" . her polite way of getting out of obeying.

5. her love for TREATS!! and pretty fluffy dresses. (preferably together)

6.She loves the old wild America series about animals.

7.She has the dogs obeying her more than they do me.

8. She LOVES cooking and absolutely has to help put ingredients in and mixing.

9.has to have sunglasses on in the car.

10. will snuggle love on her daddy when he gets home ... reads the field and stream magazine like an old man reads the news paper.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adree Bingham, This is for you.......

It finally happened, Gracy found a few jars of polish... Clacked them together ONCE and they shattered and poured HOT pink polish in the middle of my living room floor....tear (more like a river of tears) I thought it would definatley be appropriate to dedicate this post to my sister in law.....who has had the same lovely experience as me a few weeks ago.Also since Becca and Gracy seem to be partners in crime these days... Oh how we love our toddlers :) I have to give my mom the rescue medal of the universe for rushing over so fast with the WD40 and rubber gloves. I love my mom so much. I also love Gracy even though shes been terrorizing my house, so I posted some nice things she has done lately. (I love the one of Danny painting her toenails)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mushy mushy mushy....

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr. Seuss

Just thought I'd post "post" Valentines day.....I don't want to be cliche` and get all gooey and lovey dovey but I LOVE this quote. Its so my life. And I owe it to the Mr. who is currently bording an air plane as we speak, working so hard for us girls that have it so Kusch here at home. He is such a hero, my protector, my love. Thanks for being my Valentine for the 5Th year (4 years married!)..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines from Gracy

Oh I had to post these, I know its a week early but this weekend is a little wild and crazy for us, I'm trying out this new little vintage photo thing on my camera, not sure if I like it or not. But Gracy sure looks cute right. :)

She's totally defeating the purpose of taking a picture. But Gracy seems to make it a perfect photo anyway. She is singing her bumble bee song for me here.
She is pretending the paper is a scarrrry Monsterrrrr. "dont touch it mom" (ps. notice how long her hair is)

Finally those pearly whites.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UBT Inc......Adios`

Danny and I have been on quit the roller coaster ride with our little side business. In fact it was really the start of how we actually met! Thought I would post the story just for the record. :)

So Jon and Linda (Danny's parents) and my parents started a natural gas analytical lab (UBT inc.) over ten years ago. It was allot of work for them to get it going but it really took off and was successful for a long time. Danny and I had never met until our parents had the great idea to set us up after he got home from his mission. We went on a few (rocky) first dates and of course ended up hitting it off. It still baffles me to this day, we are so different but get along so well. who would of thought I would marry a blond haired farm boy from Neola Ut, lol. I just love it. Danny is really the only one on this earth that can deal with me\understand me. I honestly believe that. ... so we got married....had a baby.....and our parents the wonderful people they are gave us a chance of a lifetime and we took over "UBT inc." I feel like I was able to be educated on a hands on level I wouldn't have ever gotten anywhere else. I understand how amazing and difficult it is to be a small business owner. I learned how taxes work and what is expected. I was floored by the capabilities of my husband and how smart he is. I also have so much more respect for my parents and in-laws on how hard they worked for us kids. It has been nothing but a great experience for us. We also knew that after being successful for so long.....Technology also grows and eventually dropped some of our business. With Danny's new job that is becoming more and more time consuming we all decided it would be best to start dissolving things. Well miracles happen and we had a few people interested in buying.!!! So as of today February 1st we have officially sold our business! I didn't realize how UBT had effected my life and the people around me. I'm so eternally thankful for wonderful family that gave us the opportunity and for the education it has blessed us with. I'm also thankful for a husband that is more than capable to run it successfully and for his patience with me, I'm also thankful for quick books hahaha. So adios' UBT, thank you for being good to us.