Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So ...... Danny has given me the YUP sure.....buy a new one. Im so excited. I just don't know where to start. these are my requirements, So I don't have to have the TOP NOTCH professional photographer camera but I want one that I can take some cool artsy photos and family pictures with and I need a good one for our Europe trip in May. I like the way this camera looks...don't have a clue about its picture taking abilities....so yes.....please help me.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Holly days fun

Thanksgiving was with the Gardner family this year. It was really fun. the food was UHH_MAzE-Ing......the company was great, but we sure missed the Binghams and the Grady's:) We even got my dad and Danny to play some scattagories with us that night and we watched ELF, and of course chomped on turkey leftovers all night. Isnt my little girl starting to look like a "BIG" girl??? she is such a little peach. Danny and I are loving her new fases. What a little character.
Holly Days gets funner every year, the best thing is..everything is FREE! Yes we got a picture with the camel. I think it may be worthy of our Christmas card photo. Bahahah.....maybe if we were dressed up as the 3 wise men. Gracy got up there and then turned around after she realized she was entering the mouth of an alligator, it was a little cruel of us. wish I could have gotten a shot of her face.

She LOVED the horsey rides :) check out that poor churro she has a death grip on.

The lady that took our picture cut out Sis!!! Rude.

OH yes we did......tackled black friday..... ok.... not really we went shopping around 1:00 friday afternoon lol. but still got some serious deals. if i had photo shop I would put my oldest sis Tiff in the picture.....its never the same with out her. Miss you teeefeeey.

Thought I wold throw in some things I love right now:
1. Gracy's new vocabulary:Top 3= Yuhhlicous, Oh my Darsh, UHHmazin,
2.My hair is Growing like a weed!
3.Dannys mountain man look is GONE
4.new christmas tree decor.
5.christmas shopping is DONE (except for Gracy's)
6.The Ensign magazine
7. new mac shadow at merle
8. family time
9.Danny's job
10. Danny has been planning our Spain Vacation !!! im beginning to think it really will happen and its not just a dream.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Music post kick....

.....I go from Dredg to Pink to The band perry.....sheesh....I guess I just like it all :)

Love this song.

This has got to be one of Pinks best songs. I love it. Doesnt it make you want to be a musician!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dredge weekend

Smiling faces...proof of a good concert. The staker girls know how to have fun ! Although with the good time, Danny was with me and that means some kind of heroic deed takes place. We were all standing there....jammin out.... and some guy and his girlfriend come and booty bump me out of the way and took my spot....well ....lets just say he moved in a hurry after having a few words with Danny. No not swear words just "Danny words" so I felt pretty safe with my own bouncer the entire night :) gotta love him. This was my first time eating at the Market Street Grill in downtown SL, best halibut Ive EVER had, we also ordered oysters (ewwww) because I think of slippery slimy stinky sea food, but they were baked with halindas sauce and spinach! Seriously i don't know if my taste buds are maturing or they were just good. so GO THERE and try it 5 stars from me. That morning Sadie and Jared took us to this little Waffle house place by liberty park. I almost died in my chair from the shock of goodness. If you go order the Cinnamon ones, oh and don't leave without buying fries either, even if its 8:00 in the morning, its worth it. I give this place 10 stars. We were pretty successful with our christmas shopping but I talked danny into getting a hair cut and its HORRIBLE he looks even more weird than with the homeless look :( good thing he's a guy and could care less.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garfield would be proud!

I just had to document my first standing successful 4 layer spinach lasagna I made for dinner. Ive attempted in the past and the layers usually slide all over the place and it just doesn't look like it should. No this is not an actual photo of my lasagna but it did stand nicely like this one does. I have this thing about taking pictures of my own food. It NEVER looks good. But this time I nailed a good meal for my family. I guess its true "if at first you don't succeed .... try try again"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dredg Ode To The Sun

Takin' a Breatherrrrrr.

This weekend has been anticipated for quit sometime :) its been a while since Ive had some one on one time with that Mountain man I live with :) (hence the Beard and shaggy hair) We are going to a CONCERT! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bingham this wouldn't be happening, they are spending the weekend with Miss Gracy, She loves her gummuh and gumpuh :) Dredge sounds a little on the wild side but they are GOOD. Seriously talented musicians. Plus this cd was what we always listened to while Danny and I were dating. We are meeting all of our friends in SLake and hopefully eating some yummy ethnic food. We will see. We better not take a free weekend for granted.......We will also be Christmas shopping!!! Hopefully I can cover some serious ground Saturday morning. I still cant decide what to get my two year old for Christmas....I have a few ideas but nothing I'm DEAD SET on .... anyone have any ideas???

ps. Excited to see Harry Potter..... yes proud participant of the "Nerd herd"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh I want one..........

Wouldn't this be so fun to haul my little tator- tot around in? I Thought they were such a cool invention. Put in on the wish list right?