Thursday, July 29, 2010

he has a name........

We have come to the conclusion......his name is Frankie!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We got a new little addition, Nacho needed a buddy. He is an American Bulldog\staffordshire terrier. Not quit sure what to name him yet.....but I like these names..
Winston, Bruce, Frankie, Murphy, chuck or Henry.......
We cant get a good picture of him while he is awake......

We have been dog sitting for my sister and poor little Barkley gets malled by this puppy, hes just to fragile .......

I LOST MY DAUGHTER AGAIN!!! how do you suppose i lose my baby girl in a 900 sq ft house??? humm....well she fits in any tiny small opening and sits there until i come get her....i was looking outside before i realized i needed to look in the dryer. Here come the Terrible 2' can you get mad at this little face???

We had my little niece come and have a sleep over a few weeks ago, Adi is Gracy's idol......she thinks adi is coolest thing ever walked the earth. They had a fun time together. :)

I love this picture ..... she is such a crack up ....

Just wakin up from campin' out in the living room!

Gracy is in heaven. she thinks she is so big.

eating some McDonald's before shopping :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Bowl of Perspective............

I have felt like I just cant quit make things work, I have just had the "Debbie Downers" I guess. After a few weeks of this in my life I usually have someone come to my rescue. My sister is my hero, she listens to me and my worries all the time, you know "the VENTING phone call" . I love her and I couldn't have any sanity with out her. She is like my mom #2. SO when I start to get selfish and ungrateful and everything embarrassingly terrible that comes out in my thoughts about my "picked on" life that usually means I am about due for a big helping of "PERSPECTIVE" ....... this is how it went for me this time....after my venting phone call (much needed) with my sister, My mom calls me and says that she left a book on my doorstep and that I have to take the night off and read this book. So I said OK and got home grabbed the book threw it on the couch with the diaper bag as I'm dragging my 2 year old through the door. Book forgotten. Anyway, I finally took my mothers advice and I finished the book this morning and let me tell you........This put my way of thinking back on track, slapped the perspective back into my life. I have never heard such an amazing profound story in my life. I loved it. No words can express the story of this family. It helped me remember why Im here and why its so important to do the right things. And just to get you interested its about a man who in a comatose state was able to die experience the spirit world and come back to his family, he shares the entire experience and was definatley divinely sent back to share this story with everyone else.

Love you mom thanks!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

My sister in law was gracious enough (and patient) enough to snap a few family pictures of us a few Sundays ago. Man time flies and you forget to get pictures, plus who can afford to spend money on a photography session these days??? I'm lucky to have talented family members :) Thanks Adree, for everything!!! I loved how they turned out. (just a few of my favs)

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 4th

We had such a great holiday this year..... on Monday we went to the lake with the Gardner bunch and rocked the jet skies and my dad surprised us and bought the most hilarious tube (THE MOLECULE), I haven't had that much fun since back in the day when my body was made out of rubber!!! We honestly launched this guy 12 feet in the air...I AM NOT exaggerating either. Nothing better than sunburns and a day on the lake :) my perfect idea of a day :) Gracy was hilarious she slept under the picnic table for about 2 hours :) We did our own fireworks at the house :) Gracy wasnt really impressed she did like the sparklers and the poppers though.... please dont mind the jungle of weeds in the background........

Best parents of the year award ....... letting our 2 year old man a sparkler by herself. . .... she did pretty good. no serious burns :)

she got a red lawn chair for her birthday......LOVES IT and it sits in our living room alot :)

Dad and his girls :) teaching the art of pyrotechnics :) Danny gets this crazy look in his eye whenever we go to buy scares me to think what he was like as a child lol.

We went up to Oaks park to catch a few fish and just relax with the Gardner family (we caught WAY more than a few) ........ Gracy loved it so much, but unfortunatley ended up sleeping in the truck for most of the time. . . . . for some reason the mountain always makes ya really tired and hungry :)

Gracy and her Great Grandpa Ned :) She LOVES her Greats :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Bar strangled Banner!!!

A Conversation between me and one of my kids in Nursery last week:

Mitch (3 yrs old) : sis. Nicky, is it time for sparklers yet?

me: Nope, mitch I think the 4th of July is next weekend.

Mitch: Well alright, maybe you could promise me to sing the "Bar Strangled Banner" for everyone at the Bishops room (meaning the chapel)

Me: hummm, well maybe we can sing it together after snack time next Sunday in nursery.

Mitch: k..... ill wear my race car shoes.


I am so excited for the fourth this year. No real reason, we don't even have any plans. We are hoping to make it up camping but the weather is not looking so promising. I think that as I get older I get a better understanding and respect for my country. Its easy to get down and lets face it....ANGRY about how the leaders of our country have responded to all the mayhem. but I always like to remember that it was no mistake how we were founded. It really is a Divine country we live in and we are simply the Best and meant for a greater purpose than the rest of the world ....... . No matter whats going on now I am truly proud to be an American and am so lucky to have the choices I have and the freedoms I have to raise my family.