Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Birthdays!

There are alot of march birthdays on the Bingham side and Gardner side. We only got one picture for some reason but it was fun having birthday bashes on both sides of the family this year. Happy birthday to.........Clark and Amy, Big Jon, Dad, Coco, Uncle Scott and me! Notice our cool cakes, I was the lucky one to get the "Healthy cake" geez, I was gunna fight my dadfor the German chocolate, but I figured he was old enough so he earned it. I really got spoiled this year, Danny gave me a "weekend plane ticket" to go see my sister. I am sooo excited. as soon as I can find a good priced ticket off to Kansas City. ( I also bought myself a new blender with my remaining birthday money) Im getting ambitious to find new ways of getting gracy to eat fruit.......the little stinker she eats every veggie known to man....just wont eat the sweet stuff. What a weirdo!
Question: where do you buy Flax seed?
P.S. I am now a whopping 23 years old, I still feel immature and dangerous. I hear once you turn 25 you loose this confidence. So I've still got a few golden years to go before they turn silver I guess. :) Yay.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Anyone who is viewing my blog and would like to continue I would Love for you to leave your email, even if we arent Bff's and your a friend of a friend ......dont be shy :)

Thanks, Nicky