Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gracy's first fish

On Saturday we headed up to Calder to catch a few fish. It was such a nice day.....a little chilly but we all loved every second . It was my first mountain trip of the year, I grew up fishing, baiting my own hook and gutting the fish we caught, its something that is a big part of my life. It was heaven for me to see my little girl get so thrilled to go fishing, seriously she was giggling and just spilling over with excitement the entire time. It was so fun to see her with her Daddy learning and getting that one on one time. Those are the times I loved most spending with my dad. We caught a few 19-20 inchers but i think they have to be like 22 inches to take home......so we didn't get to keep any. What a beautiful day..... My Dad (who taught me the ropes and sport of fishing) and my Beautiful mom.
It got so cold i had to put gracy's extra socks on her hands.....and of course they were coated with fish slime pretty quick.

Danny would go fishing everyday if he could, I think he may be a little obsessive.

Na Na and Pa pa and Stinker.

Gracy kept saying ......AWSOME...cooo ......Ish .....ISH (meaning fish of course)

This is Gracy reeling in her first fish with her very own pink pole Grandpa Gardner got her when she was born.

Nacho was so thrilled to find out there were living creatures at the end of our lines lol......she loves the out doors. Wish we could have giving her one of the fish to play with. maybe next time nach.

Thanks cousin Adi for the levi jacket!!!

taken pictures. say "cheese mamma" ......so excited to get to the lake and "ISH"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Newest shinanigans......

Lately my daughter has informed me that she now is officially an intellectual 23 month old. And if you look closley that is her dad cheering in the background. (no really) She can easily hop the fence to her port-a-crib ......... we found this out while she was napping at my parents house....and her newest is acribating out of her crib......guess its time for a big girl bed......
It was my best friends wedding last Saturday.....She also married a friend. Mr. and Mrs. Colby Decamp. Mel I love you and am sooo happy for you. xoxo.

She was gracious enough to let me help with the wedding ........ she wanted something different for her centerpieces ..... we saw this done on a celebrity wedding and thought it was cool. really fun to put together......plus it was easy....

Thanks to my sister corinne for helping me the entire day put things together. what would this world come to with out sisters....Mine are pretty much hold my life together.

Danny got me these beautiful flowers for mothers day. They have been refreshing addition to my living room :)

We had the Sprouses over for a BBQ and FHE, Carson and Gracy are hilarious together. What good buddies they are.

Best time of their lives in the wheel barrow. Carson's mom Brooke is due on the 16th! we cant wait for baby girl to get here !!!! more friends the better !
On a much sicker note......we have had the flu for the longest time.......Gracy and Danny had it last week and Ive had a sinus infection and the flu for the past two days. Hopefully things will let up and we will all get feeling better before the Grady's come out to visit!!!! Yay.....T-minus 9 days. Like I said my sisters are defiantly my best friends I miss them sooo much. Especially Tiff because she lives so stinkin far away. And since she has already given the word....I get to be an aunt again!!! tiff is due at the end of September with .......(drum roll) A baby BOY!!!! we are in desperate need of this little guy to get here. we all have already been shopping for little boy fabric.......which was foreign territory for sure. but sooo fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What in the World?????

My dad and father in law Our dog nacho, she was pretty funny hangin out and she found time to dig a hole under the shed, trying to get to the chipmunks that live under there.
Notice my child's pants and shoes ....... Im ok with the mud and even the clean up if it means she is occupied for a few minutes.

Danny has been renting these crazy machines to get our yard in order, I think Gracy rode with him for about and hour or more. she thought she was pretty cool up there with her dad :)

Where have I been??? talk about busy, I am so behind on my blogging that I dont know if there is any hope for a catch up, it is my goal to get everything caught up from Easter to Danny's birthday and Gracy's "worth documenting" accidents, but for now, I thought I would post last weekend. We had Jon, my dad, Clark, Rhet and Danny working on getting our fence up in the back yard all day on Saturday. Our goal for the summer is getting a back yard in, grass, deck and maybe a swing set type thing for Gracy. wouldn't it be a dream to be able to send Gracy in the back yard to play!!!! We are so lucky to have supportive family that are willing to drop an entire Saturday to come and work! we were able to get up all the posts :) we are having the sprouses over tonight to help pop the rest of the fence up !!!! It sure doesn't look like much has happened back there but I tell ya what, it feels like Dannys has been working 3 jobs at this point. I put myself in his shoes and I don't think I could do what he does everyday. Thanks for working so hard babe!!!