Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well we are headed to Phoenix Arizona on Wednesday! Its been about 80-90 degrees down there and I am so excited for a little sunshine! Danny has a sister that lives down there and we will be hanging with them. Anyway Cant wait to post some pictures we have quit the agenda planned :) Danny and I are so excited for our little mini vacation, we both need it. I think Danny may need it more than me this time :) he has been working allot lately. Gotta love him. Gracy is still Teething TERRIBLY! Drool, the tears, the orneriness Im dreading the 12 hour drive!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A week with Adi mae :)

This week has been so much fun. Danny and I got to take Adi home with us for 4 Days! She is our neice that lives in Neola. She is such a smart little girl. And what a good little babysitter she is. She was so great with Gracy and of course Gracy thought Adi was pretty cool stuff. She just wanted to walk around and play with her all day. We set up the futon in Gracy's room and she never got scared or homesick, she just acted like she owned the place and new exactley what to do. I just love her and you can see how cute she is. Every morning she reminded Danny to make his bed :) Im glad she did so I didnt have to. Anyway, it was nice to have another girl in the house to do girly stuff. Its so nice to have family so close so we can spend time like this with them. I got a little emotional when I had to take her home lol. Its easy to get attatched to that little girl. Its also nice to get to have sleepovers with your neices and nephews because you can spoil them a little bit more than if you were their parents.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coach J.

Last Saturday was the best birthday ever for me. Not only was I spoiled by Danny and my family I was able to go to a surprise party for my old Basketball coach from high School. He had just beat his battle with Cancer a year ago and we all were informed that it had come back into his life. My good friend Amber put the whole thing together and invited girls from 6 years ago to come. not every one was able to make it but alot of us showed.This was my favorite moment. The initial surprise. The look on his face was priceless. And also a few tears were shed. It was really amazing how touched he was. Its funny how to others "Girls Basketball isnt so significant. To us it wasn't really about the game it was the memories before and after the game. He is an amazing man and we all think of him as almost a high school parent that listened to us and gave us the "C" for confidence. I still think to this day he got all of us girls through high school safely :) This is my good buddy Maggie. She was always the Teams All-star. She could work the court like no other. If all else failed Coach J would say......"GET THE BALL TO MAGGIE" she'll never live that down.
This picture means alot to me. Its amazing how those few people make little dents in your life and capturing it with a photo is priceless. Im so thankful for coach. I think for alot of people my high school year in alot of ways was not worth remembering. Except for those few people like Coach that gave me something (like Basketball) to get my mind off of the rest of life and taught me a life skill. Theres alot of instances that I compare my trials with sports. Funny how that happens. Anyway. What an amazing example this man is ......especially to a bunch of girls :)

It was so neat to see everyone again. alot of the girls have babies and are married, We all told stories and memories we had of coach and of wins and losses. It was really one of those moments we all wanted to freeze and keep.

This video is of Kelsey and Carley doing the
"PRE Game Tradition Dance" To our school song, for the last time. We all cheered and sang along but being girls we were all a little bit choked up. You can see we all had a blast, back in high school and now :) Thanks for putting it all together Amber. Your the best.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


This week my mom helped me sew a quilt for Gracy, it was so much fun to get to do some mommy daughter time :) I absolutely LOVE the material, although it somewhat reminds me of those velvet 70's couches which isn't the best but oh well. its cute. The Minky dot is becoming a favorite of Gracy's.Thank goodness for my mom she is an amazing seamstress. :) I love her. And isn't Gracy hilarious with her little High Pony tail and head band. She is just so funny. She knows she is cute, sporting her cute outfit. We also finished some decorations for a church activity my mom was doing. I defiantly needed to help her out for sewing the quilt.

This is my finished painting hung up. :) I finally got Danny to get around to it. poor guy, he is even fixing the sink in this picture.lol. ....... this old house has NO END. Anyway. it turned out kinda fun. it adds some character in our BLAHH house :) We also painted a wall in our living room but I still have a few things I want to finish in there. Its a "Goldish Yellow theme with Chocolate Brown" It hasn't turned out how I had hoped but It will be fine, considering our budget lol:) Anyway, its been fun getting things done around here. A little progress never hurt anyone :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Birthday Date,

Danny took me on my birthday date Monday night, even though its not till 14th, Monday was the only night we have free. Anway, it was so fun, I really forgot how to go on an actual date for while there. lol. My mom and dad took Gracy to the singles ward family homeevening with them and we were free for like .......5 whole hours! Danny took me to maurices and I spent some of my Birthday money and then we shared a bucket of chicken and just talked forever! about rediculous things. It was so nice lol. I just love feeling like we are in college again with no bills or taxes, :) We just had fun being together. Then we hit the movies. Having it be a Monday night we had the theater all to our selves !!!! It was so hilarious, the movie was so lame but we had more fun laughing out loud and making fun of the actors and being completley juvinile for the two hours we sat there. I just love danny so much, he always knows how to have fun and relaxe and forget about reality for a while. After dates like this I remember why we are so perfect for each other. :) I didnt even take pictures :( but it was fun anyway.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

First of all I have to post great news, Gracy lou has finally cut her first tooth on Saturday :) She has had the hardest time teething, I think shes been in pain for an entire month now, its so funny because she will wince in pain and then laugh afterwards, I dont know how I was blessed with such a good natured little girl. She is so good. Its funny how some babies will just suddenly have teeth and its no big deal and some babies its seriously like fighting a war lol :) Bailey my niece already has 3 teeth! and they just were magically there one day lol. Her teeth make her look so grown up, I'm excited to see Gracy with them to :)

Saturday morning my mom and I took my Grandma to the Women's conference. Richard Paul Evens spoke. He is the Author of "The Christmas Box". I have to say It was seriously a huge honor to be able to hear the things he had to say. I have a confession and I feel like a horrible person for saying this but, its been along time since I have REALLY REALLY gotten something out of a talk, and really felt the spirit. This man is an amazing person and put alot of things in perspective for me. He talked alot about forgiveness and the blessings that come from it. His stories are so graphic but it just gave me a reminder to forgive, and not just say it but ot feel it and truly mean it. He also talked about Not trying or doing something because of the fear of Failure. This hit me at home plate. I grew up and was raised to always make SAFE decisions and always just stay SAFE", Well I still believe that is true, but how are you supposed to get ahead in life with out going out on a limb, or making yourself vulnerable to the world. This really clarified some things in our life. And helped Danny and i make some tough decisions that we just couldn't makeup our minds. Its amazing how important it is to attend church meetings because they are ment for inspirations and learning. I love the church and am so grateful I am a member. I hope I can teach my own family as well as I was taught growing up. For those of you that weren't able to attend you should read "The Christmas Box" or "The Dancer" by Richard Paul Evens. Its totally inspiring

Monday, March 2, 2009

The projects!

Well we have been doing a few things here and there to our little house. Ive attemped to start painting again, we have this ugley swamp cooler we needed to cover up so i painted that wall black and am going ot cover wit with this, its totally not finished yet but its fun to blog my progress :)

We have absolutley no counter space in the kitchen but the countertops were probabley from the 30's from when our house was built, anyway, Danny is the handiest person i have ever met. He is so good at building and installing, I for sure had to reward him with a few new tools. Its seriousley amazing what he can just whip out in an hour or two, He such a perfectionist, he will spend longer on the finishing work than the stuff that you would thing would take longer.:)
Its amazing how much easier it is to get dishes done when you have a new counter top :) as you can see we still have old cabinets and such, maybe Danny will build new ones next year :)

This is the new blogging center !!! im totally kidding, you can see danny's game is currentley on when I took this pic thats what usually is gonig . Anyway Danny and I went out two weekends ago and picked up a new computer, its been so nice to have a desktop, our little laptop was seriousley asking us to put it out of its misery lol. the only problem is theres not alot of options to put this thing except the living room, oh well someday mabye a new house. But to be honest Im having fun slowley fixing this one up :)