Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gracy is 2!!!!!

Gracy thought her Birthday cake was so cool. Im glad she liked it because we had quit the time making it. She was so patient before digging into the cake.
I think she consumed around 4 cupcakes, sheesh, it took a while for the sugar to ware off.

My sister coco and my mom helped me bake all of this cake we needed, I dont think it would have happened with out them .

Look how cute they are. :)

We had a good time with all the Neon frosting.

Final cup cake tower.

Gracy hasn't stopped playing with all of her new toys !!!!

She is so funny, she was teasing me with those little mr. potato head glasses all morning,

Our little girl is 2 years old!!!! she is our entire world. I do miss her as a tiny little baby, but I am in love with her 2 year old stage. It is so fun when she runs up to me and says what she is thinking. there is nothing cuter than two year old talk. We had little party for her at the remember the main park and invited all the grandma and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins and a few Friends and just ate cake and watermelon, nothing to fancy this year :) I think she loved it just the same though. She was so cute blowing out her candles and so excited to see her flower cake. I am so proud of Gracy and LOVE to show her off. just a few things I love about her right now.
she is really good at entertaining herself and using her imagination.

I love how she folds her arms when a prayer is being said. and then tries to mumble her own little prayer ( think she picked that up from cousin Bailey)

When i tell her to go get into bed at night she cries and drags herself into her covers sobbing but excepts the rules.
sometimes puts herself into time-out
wants to be just like the big kids.
is a GREAT eater, but prefers hot dogs .....even for breakfast.
she is fearless
she is Beautiful, her platinum blond hair and those big blue eyes just melt me.
She is already a little athlete
I love that she picks up on Danny's mannerisms and thinks her dad is the most amazing person on this earth.
I love the rare hugs and kisses I get randomly
I love how concerned she is for someone who is crying
she adores her Grandpas and Grandmas and her Greats.
she says HI to everyone at wal-mart and waves her hand even if they are inches away.
She is such good buddies with Nacho
She LOVES the out-doors and would play in water infinitely.
She sleeps in her big girl bed ......just like a big girl.
she loves makeup and dresses just as much as playing in the mud and squishing bugs
She teaches herself words everyday, such a smartypants.
I had my sisterinlaw take a few family photos on Sunday. ... so more photos to come.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

OH NO!!!

I have to speak in church on Sunday..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope I can manage to make sense this time. :(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crayon holder

I saw these cute crayon holders at the laundramat a few weeks ago and thought this would be a great starter project for me :) My sister in law found an online tutorial for me to follow and with some help from my mom I sordof made it work !!! I am NO seamstress. you have to be a really
precise and exact kind of person to sew and I am NOT in anyway, but im sure my little niece wont notice all of my mistakes :) Happy Birthday Bailey Boo !!! (on the 27th)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to my sweetheart! just a few of my favorite things about Danny.

1. He is the Best Dad in the world (Gracy adores him and most of the time prefers him over me)
2. Extremely hard worker (aka...work-a-holic)
3. Self Driven
4. intelligent
5. masters multi tasking........(runs a side business and a day time job wonderfully)
6. Plays as hard as he works
7. has patience of steel
8. is always asking me "how I feel"
9. he still flexes in front of the mirror sometimes :)
10. Great at his church calling.
11. LOVES to read.
12. he enjoys date night as much as I do, we usually hit a movie and both can talk about it for hours after.
13. NEVER forgets to kiss me goodnight.
14. once in a while he will hold my hand in public.....that is Huge to show a little PDA
15. he picks me out clothes
16. he goes in to gracy's room every night after she is asleep and re-tucks her in.
17. LOVES animals, i always have to say NO to all the dogs he wants to save and bring home.
18. makes me do push up and crunches with him.
19. Danny has the soul of an old 80 year old mountain man.
20. LOVES all kinds of food, we are always watching the Lydia's Italy or Julia child's show and cooking some kind of foreign food and enjoying it together.

Did I mention that I LOVE this guy?

Friday, June 18, 2010


I couldn't find Gracy, I couldn't find Nacho.........I finally looked at the foot of our bed and I find these two hooligans cuddled up together giggling. You can see Nacho knows she is in BIG trouble she is NOT allowed on the blankets. But I still laughed out loud, they are getting to be pretty good little buddies. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A few things have helped me keep the sanity lately :) when I can I go Back to the old studio and do makeup appointments for Betty ..... its really my true outlet. Thanks to danny he is more than supportive. Plus it doesn't hurt to make a few bucks here and there doing something I love. :)
sometimes a neon nail polish usually unleashes the wild side in me :) I have to get it out of my system somehow. I thought Prince of Persia was really entertaining, the special effects were mesmerising and it was a fairly clean movie :) Fun escape from reality. Plus Danny used to play the video game ALL the time.

Oh the things they come up with to get our kids to brush their teeth :) LOVE the Blinking toothbrushes. Sometimes gracy cries when I take hers away.

My indulgence lately is this delicious bucket of goodness. This tastes like homemade Rice pudding that your Grandma would make. I personally could down an entire bucket in one sitting. And for those people that are calorie counting there is only like 120 calories in the whole container ;) mmmm.

I have been relying on AE online to do some shopping. I LOVE THEM, they also have size charts so you can for sure get your size. They have the perfect fitting t-shirts. thats pretty much all I wear.

This stuff is seriously the diamond in the detergent Isle, Gracy's skin gets so irritated and dry with brands like Tide and Gain and even he Great Value brand really brings out the Eczema in the skin. But DREFT is so amazing and it smells soooo good. I even use it on our clothes. It is a bit pricer but I print off coupons online and it ends up being about the same price as Gain. :) Try this product for sure :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


This last month has been an EPIC part in our lives....after much deliberation and thought Danny and I decided we needed to switch gears in our life. We looked at a few different employers and nothing never struck us as " this is what we need to do" until Danny was offered a job working with a friend of ours. He is going to be working side by side the big salesman for windmarian! This is such a huge step for us, kindof foreign territory but we both feel its the best thing for our family, and a HUGE opportunity. I am sooo incredibly proud of my husband for what he does for Gracy and I. He is so gutsy and confident, anything he sets out to do he masters it, no questions. What an intelligent person i married. There are so many great things about this position that will be blessing our family. Without Danny's drive and brains we would never be where we are today. I am so excited for him to try something new and finally get some credit for all of his great ideas. He has been working for only 2 weeks and has already some big pending sales ready to go through, what a go getter !!!!

I couldn't get this photo to load later so i had to insert it here......MY BABY BROTHER is Graduated!!! i cant believe it. I usually am not such a light weight but i am going to miss this kid. We have had so many late night smoothie dates that i don't think i can let him move away from me! He is currently in Ir land as I am typing.......he saved his own money and went to experience a once in a lifetime experience. He is such a good kid. I love him so much and am so proud of him. I cant wait to see where he goes on his mission in a year!
With this new job they required us to trade in the red truck.....i was bummed, just started to get attached to ol' reliable. oh well out with the old and in with the new. :)

We went "vehicle shopping" for our anniversary.......so romantic i know.....oh well I am proud to say we are on Anniversary #3 and going strong love ya hun.

We usually go to Neola and see the Binghams every Sunday. This particular Sunday we had a few birthdays and had some family come out. Gracy LOVES her cousins and as you can see Neola is Heaven, keeps the grand kids busy and the parents happy :)

We were able to leave Gracy with Grandma and Grandpa Bingham while we went Truck shopping and of course she never missed us......she spent the entire time riding four wheelers with Grandpa and getting her hair braided by Grandma and Aunt Amy :)

Just watching the crazy cousins

Riding jake

Gracy always has and will be a daddies girl.

catching bubbles with the cousins.

Gracy has found her BFF !!! My sister and brother in law flew out for a week for my brothers graduation and just to visit. There cute little girl Bailey and Gracy are the best cousins ever. They seriously never fought once the entire week. They were obsessed with each others shoes and gave kisses and pretty much gave all of us adults a break, they just kept each other so busy.

They both have grown up sooo much. They are almost exact opposites but get along so well. I cant believe how cute these girls are together. They are lucky to have a cousin the exact same age. They get to do everything in their lives together. How awesome is that.

Gracy is now officially in a big girl bed ..... she sleeps in it great, thank goodness :) We took the girls for a few hours so tiff and Ry could hit a movie. They loved every second of it.

They played in the bath so cute......they made sure to wash each other really good. :)

of course treats at Nanna's house is a must.

just a picture of monster and dad.

you would think its still Easter at our house......Gracy has an obsession with bunny ears, she wears them everywhere.....wal-mart......to bed........to McDonald's........anywhere but church...i usually have to put my foot down sometime.
We are rounding the middle of June and I still need to plan Gracy's second birthday!!! holy smokes.......i feel like I'm just running around crazy all the time. hopefully it doesn't take me longer to post those pictures. :) What a great month of may, as I was loading and going through all of these pictures I can help but be so incredibly grateful for the wonderful people in our lives. Family is everything thank goodness for them :)