Monday, August 30, 2010


Danny wants my lioness mane back........
I like having a no maintenance "do"

what do you think? to grow or not to grow?
on a different subject ....... We have been trying to get our back yard in since that Danny is now a raging "work-a-holic" we decided to just pay someone to put it in for us, And we get SOD TOMORROW!!!!!!! Its keeps getting harder and harder to stay cooped up in this little house.....and FINALLY A YARD to hang out in !!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gracy gets Tubes.

Its finally OVER!!! Little Gracy has had a ridiculous amount of ear infections and everything else the last 6 months.....soooo we finally got her in for tubes. She was hilarious in the waiting room, she made buddies with everyone and did surprisingly well with all the nurses and dr.'s .
We had some friends from the ward getting their little girls ears fixed at the same time........ Gracy made herself at home of course. Pretty sure she thought Breanna was the coolest thing on the planet.
Gracy on the car ride over......she was clueless ...... but glad to be up and about so early in the morning.

This was so weird to see her passed out like that.......It was nice to have Danny there with us, she clung to him pretty hard....but she left with the anaesthesiologist with out any fuss and only cried for a minute after waking up. She acts like nothing ever happened!!!

Glad its all over and ready for Gracy to be herself again. . . . bring on the terrible two's . . . . and potty training I guess. deeeeep breath........

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camping weekend !

Its about time we take some time for camping!!! Im embarrassed to say this is the only time this year we have been able to pitch a tent and enjoy ourselves. Gracy was hilarious, its her first official all nighter, sleeping in a tent building fires, fishing, the whole nine yards. We layed in that tent forEVER trying to get her excitement level down so we could all sleep. She just wanted to give kisses every second, clapping her hands and her favorite thing was her very own polka-dot sleeping bag, best 10 bucks ive ever spent!!!! She snuggled up to her dad and finally fell asleep. What a little trooper she is. We didnt have time or the equipment to make a descent dogs were good enough for us :)
Notice how danny has one in each hand.

We went up to S.Ashley creek up towards Brownie ..... surprisingly we only saw a few campers. It was nice to have the mountain to ourselves.

This is the clearest shot I could get of all three of them, I wish I got a video of them all playing and wrestling, Those three have so much fun together. good ol' frank is fitting in just fine :)

We went on a hike before we left, I FORGOT to bring the camera but it was my favorite part of the whole trip. Gracy rode on danny's shoulders and I had the pack. She was so tired from going to bed so late and getting up at the crack of dawn. Anyway, We were walking down the trail and danny tells me to stop and he gets the 22 pistol out of the pack and says......"Nick check this out" and shoots this squirrel out of the tree in one shot lol. Nacho is obsessed with anything that is rodent like and has been trying to catch one since we got up to the mountains, so she of course immediately thinks she has killed this square ll and shakes the rest of the life out of the poor thing. Frankie just kinda followed along and copy cats whatever Nach does....Gracy had her hand over her mouth in bewilderment and kept saying "oh man" ...... It was one of those moments that "you had to be there" but I will never forget it. Gracy got her pants changed right on the trail and was so cooperative. She is getting so big and much more easy. I LOVE the new stages she is in!!!!

We like to refer to the dogs as......."The Nino's" They are getting to be good buddies now. P.S. I have officially and successfully potty trained Frankie! I know im so proud of myself :) What a smart little bugger. Now if I could just get my 2 year old to give it a go I think we would be doing better :)

I think we consumed more hot dogs than we should have this trip, Gracy out ate me by like 3 hot dogs.....

this little red chair has been so fun for Gracy, She loves it!!!!

Wish we could go more often, we love the mountains.....unfortunatley we have been so busy with Danny's new job, keeping up with the Business, and getting our yard put in and then fixing up the house we barley have time for it. We dreaming of the day when we can have a bigger house and that nice camp trailer we've had our eye on :) Its good to have goals right? Anyway aside of our "goals" we are enjoying ourselves in the midst of the rescent chaos. Danny is headed to Texas for work all week and Gracy is getting Tubes in her ears on Tuesday (Thank goodness).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


HOLY SMOKES am I tired of having a sick little girl........She has been the healthiest until she turned one.....Ear infection after ear infection, Strep, more ear infections, and now Thrush has covered her little mouth from all of the antibiotics. I finally got an appointment to get tubes in her ears. Hopefully this will give her some relief. She is such a trooper though, she begged and begged for a cookie and she sobbed the entire time eating it because it hurt but she wanted to eat it so bad! She wouldn't let me get her down or love on her while she ate her painful she eventually just fell asleep.