Saturday, June 25, 2011

bug bites and stripes

Yesterday I wiped a skeeter off of Gracy's Eye and new it was going to be bad in the morning, and it was :( she is terribley allergic to masquitos, just like her dad. She has been feeling yucky all day, her eye now is almost swollen shut!, but nothing a little benedril and otter pops cant fix.

Another one of my copy cat ideas, painted stipes in the kitchen and it made everything look much bigger :) Its nice for a change up, but Danny's getting a little bugged by me painting every 6 six months.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I found a sight that does custom made "on order" type stuff, I couldnt find any fabric here in good ol' vernal that I wanted so "Bonanza" did a great job with my stipe curtains I wanted. It kindof turned out looking a little "Mi Mi's cafe Ish" but I like it and it gave the room MORE texture.....I could add texture all day, . Anywho.....Im trying to learn how to mix vintage with modern and need a little more advice ....... suggestions ? I thought adding a book shelf in this room might add to the vertical stripe? yay or Nay?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Smarty Pants

This little Potty trained.

Monday, June 6, 2011

let it GROW!!!

We finally got our garden in this year! Lets see if I can keep it alive!!! We had a garden growing up (in the Gardner residence) and I remember HATeING that thing....mostly weeding the roses, we would get punished and banned to weeding all week. But I LOVED speding time with Danny and Gracy outside in the warm weather. Im so excited to see how everything turns out. Danny pretty much did all the hard hard work and Gracy and I got to pick out the lavendar and mint and other herbs and plant all the veggies in the garden. Its my new favorite place to be :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 years down !

Its our Anniversary today! It seems like its all happened so fast. We were talking early this morning and we realized we've done and accomplished a lot of the things we wanted to already in 4 yrs. How cool is that. Life is sweet. That's all I have to say.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mission call /spain trip 2011

MY LITTLE BROTHER IS GOING TOOO------ARGENTINA! How exciting, we found out the night before we left for Spain. He is really going to be a great missionary. Im sure going to miss him though. Ive loved having him home for a few months. Defiantly one of my best friends. He always drops in at the right time. He took care of our dogs while we were gone on top of working full time. Just a good kid. We all love him :)

Spain was of course amazing! I couldn't pick my favorite pictures, but did the best I could. We were there the same time the E-coli epidemic broke out and guess who brought it home??? ME! we were reading and 16 people have died from it! I thought I had some sort of parasite but thankfully bacteria is treatable. So Im fine, just pitiful and sick all the time. NOT my favorite thing we brought back, my Doc said ill be back to my old self in a month or so. So back to the trip it was more than I ever thought it was. EVERYTHING is so beautiful and OLD, the History and Art was overwhelming and intricate. THE FOOD ....Well I guess if you are a conesuer of food you would LOVE it, if you are picky, prob not. But Danny and I both had so much fun just EATING lol. The Beach in Cadiz was my favorite, the white sand the warm breeze and layed back atmosphere was heaven to me. The Nudies ...well not so much. Tried to spare you all by not getting any of them in our photos. It was quit the task to, they were Everywhere, well pretty much Everyone. I loved how warm and inviting everyone was and how they really take care of you. Thank goodness Danny can speak Spanish and new his way around. Malaga's Shopping was HEAVEN ! even walking through the ritzy shopping was amazing. Every ones style is so different from the states, it was very interesting to see what the women wear out there. I loved how everything came to life at night, seriously things don't really start going till 11 PM. Well the flights weren't as bad as I thought, I didn't mind the 9 hour plane ride into Madrid but I got claustrophobic in the itty bitty ones. I really loved going and am so grateful to my parents for taking Gracy for 10 entire days. Europe is great and such a fun place to visit but I LOVE America and am so thankful for my clean streets and clean house and safe atmosphere. really, I was amazed at some of the places Danny served. They glamorize things that are defiantly not glamorous. Im glad I got to experience that.

My fav's

-watching danny eat his fav rotisserie chicken
-eating from shop to shop all night
-Jamone and Queso'
-Spanish candy
-lemon fanta and lemon Schweppes
-shopping down central malaga
-Romantic Ronda
-ice cream
-the Alhambra
-seeing Gracy for the first time after 10 days.