Sunday, October 26, 2008

House for Sale!

So We finally decided to go ahead and list our house. We haven't been trying very hard to sale it until we found some cute town homes in Roosevelt, I know everyone who knows me and is from Vernal you are rolling your eyes, I honestly love living in the basin. But...., I had some convincing from Danny, and after spending some time in Neola, I have come to love it. I love the country, horse back riding, cows, camping, fishing, its really where we are happy. I would rather live in Neola than Roosevelt but Danny's job has him commuting from vernal to Myton EVERY DAY! Its a killer, so back to the Townhouses, its the perfect place for us right now. It gives us an option to upgrade later down the road as well. My mom helped me pick out colors this last week, she is the one I usually go to for decision making on stuff like paint colors and furniture:) Love ya mom.

here is the site check it out.

World Series Party!

This is Saturday Night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, watching the Phillies and the Rays battle it out. Gracy loves all her Grandpas, we didnt get to have Grandpa Bingham with us but we got to see Great-Gpa Bob, Grandpa Rico, and Great-Gpa Ned. She had her eyes on the Big screen the entire time. My mom made homeade pizza and shrimp dip. SOOO good.

Gracy's new Tricks

Gracy has got a new toy, THE BUMBO, its such a great little babysitter, and its really helping her learn to sit up on her own. She hasn't actually sat up by herself but she is getting closer. Danny balances her on his hand allot and she just loves every second of it. She is such a Daddy's girl! Its the best thing in the world to see my little baby girl and her daddy together. It's so cute to see Danny racing in the door after work to pick her up and love on her. She knows right away who it is. Look at those fat cheeks!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well a week before Gracy came Danny applied for a job at Newfield as a pumper. He of course got the job but was hoping to get on as a Tech. Danny was persistent and put his resume in for a tech position, three months later they FINALLY interviewed him and three other guys. Well we finally found out on Monday that he DID get the job. We are so blessed and thankful. I know he is the one that is capable and will do the best job. He Loves learning and will be able to continue an education. I am so grateful for all the blessings that have come our way this year. Our beautiful baby girl, Danny's new job, the roof over our head, family close by, wonderful friends, I couldn't be more happier.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Stink Eye

Here is a video of my Gracy, she was about a month 1\2 at this point, shes now 3 months and some change. She has this thing where she holds her lips into a little cheerio shape like shes going to whistle. Its the cutest thing and I got it on camera! Now at three months she is doing SO much more, I just wish we had a good video camera instead of using the video thing on our camera. Does anyone know of a good camera to buy? Danny and I arent sure if we want a camcorder that uses a jump drive, or those little CD things or tapes or what, We Need some guidence.

Saturday at GG's house

We went over to my Grandma and Grandpas house, Gracy's Greats (GG's). We all decided to draw names for christmas and Luke, my cousin, wanted to feed Gracy, he thought it was pretty cool, hes such a cute little kid, and so well behaved. It was so funny, while he was feeding Gracy he said. "wow micky, shes Firsty like a dog" I thought that was hilarious... My Aunt Angi got Gracy laughing so hard doing patty cake, Its amazing that Gracy is already giggling and laughing at 3 months. Uncle Andy calles Gracy Fire Cracker, and Bailey RJ for "Ryan Jr" leave it to him for the funniest little nick-names. And Im sure your wondering about my Dad with the Hooter Hider, NO hes not breastfeeding, :) he decided to eat his Caramel popcorn undercover :) my Grandmas Caramel popcorn is seriously famous, its sooo good. ill have to post her recipe.

Brooke's Baby Shower!

Brooke had her shower last week (Oct. 9th) and we took some side by side pictures of Gracy and Carson, they are sooo cute, Gracy looks like shes got the biggest nugget next to him though. Brooke and Carson got some really fun gifts. I was bummed I had to leave a little early but I had fun anyway. They had the BEST food there. So on my way home Gracy and I were headed to Grandpa and Grandma Binghams house and whitnessed a car accident, it was NUTS some kid turned right in front of the truck ahead of us and ran him into the ditch, well, everyone stopped and I rolled down my window to see if I needed to get out or whatever, and lets just say there were some angry choice words flying, and wasnt a good place to be with a little baby. So we got the heck out of there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bath Time and Grandpa and Grandmas house

Gracy LOVES her bath time. She usually cries when we take her out. Once in a while on Saturday mornings my mom and dad will call to see if Gracy wants to come over and play. :) I am always excited to come over because it means a free breakfast :). Gracy and I are such HOMEBODIES, we love to go to my parents or Jon and Linda's house and just hang, so we take advantage of it when Danny is at work. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for Feeding us all the time! We love you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got Tagged! by Ashley Painter (7 wierd things about me)

Humm. first of all I have to agree with Ash, I have a secret passion for UFC, and yeah its totally barbaric and the crowds are'nt really the best type of people but, I watched one of danny and I's good friend Blake Sprouse fight, and it was Amazing I sat next to Brooke (Blakes wife) and we both started cheering and yelling and was enthrolled in the whole thing. WE GOTTA GO ASH!

1. I have been loveing those wierd chinese game shows, like Wipeout and hole-in-the wall, they are all impossible and thats probabley why I love them. People look like complete idiots and its the best ever. I for sure would be a wipeout contestant.

2. Danny and I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies, we usually sit for like and hour after hitting a good movie just talking about it and analizing the whole thing. We just baught "Iron Man" and our conversation after was "what superhero would you be" I think danny would for sure be like wolverine or Beast on X-men. He hasnt decided what he thinks I should be. Yeah go ahead.....say it....we are NERDS! I know we have a child and still get so excited about lame conversations. :)

3. I absolutley Crave vacuuming. Its my favorite thing to make those little desighns in the carpet. Theres something about a freshley vacuumed room that is so satisfying. I love that my child will sleep through it because I try to do it whenever i can.

4. I hate the feel of a wet plastic bag! I mean I will touch one if I have to but it honestley makes me GAG!

5. I love the Health channel, I could watch surgeries and crazy life stories all day with some snacks and big coke. Its so interesting to see before and afters. Even Plastic surgery, I totally dont agree with most of it, but for some reason I LOVE watching it.

6. I get really affended when Danny tries to bait my hook when we go fishing. I grew up campin' and fishin' in a pretty big outdoorsey family and seriousley EVERY time we go he tries to do it for me lol. I dont know if its me that is weird or danny, I secretley think that he is intimidated by my mad fishing skills. Things get a little competitive when we go outside. lol.

7. I am a terrible public speaker. my whole body will freeze and it physically hurts. I love making friends and meeting people and going out and being social and stuff but seriously, when Danny and I had to speak in church like a year ago, I had a theme and everything but I didnt say anything that I had prepared, infact I didnt even make sense. I ended my talk with. uhhh k thanks....then I sat down. I had Visible tacos ( those are the sweat marks in your armpits that show up when you are sooo sooo nervous) oh and I had like a perma gliscen on my upper lip, because that is the most visible place I sweat. Anyway. now that I have all of that off my chest...

I am tagging

Adree Bingham
Tiffany Grady
Alisha Webb

Grandpa Gardner with the Girls

I know I have sooo many pictures of the Babies but I had to post this one. Tiff sent it to me from the trip. This is Great Grandpa Ned. Grandma marie gave the girls matching outfits and we dressed the girls up to go see them. Those babies are so loved, and SPOILED! Tiff and I are still freaked out that we are MOMMIES now! It doesnt feel wierd until we say it out loud. Its a scarey feeling because of the responsibility but I think Tiff and I both agree its the most amazing blessing. I couldnt imagine my life with out little Gracy Lou!


So yesterday Danny and I really got some stuff done on the house. Danny installed a "fan light" in the bathroom and I started peeling paint on the ceiling, by six that night we ended up tearing the whole ceiling out, down to the sheet rock. so yeah we have alot of work to do still but that's what we get for living in a house built in the 30's....1933 to be exact and since its our first house we both are learning alot . But its beginning to be alot of fun. It sounds lame but danny and I think of it as a wierd date, Its really cool to see progress and we try to have fun while we work. I think Gracy watched monsters inc. like 4 times yesterday to keep her occupied.

Things we still need done before winter comes:

~new windows (in the whole house)
~new roof
~get approved to dig a trench for our power line
~finish remodeling the bathroom

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday afternoon in Neola

My mother and Sister in law and I tied a couple Quilts for the new babies coming into the family. Adree's new baby girl, and we are working on her cute, the fabric has little lady bugs on it. And Laurals baby blanket has little tractors on it with Hay bails. Any way, I think this is going to be the new Sunday tradition. We had a good time tying quilts :)

Gracy, cousin Adi and Cousin Bridger! I am so excited for Gracy to grow up with so many fun cousins. Adi and Bridger get to have another addition to their family (baby girl) after christmas, so we are getting Bridger practiced up with a new baby. He is suprisingley soft with Gracy. They both are just enthrolled with her. They just want to love on her and hold her all the time its so cute. Gracy LOVES the attention. :)

little pixie baby

How did I get so lucky to have such a happy little baby! Seriously I cant believe how good she is. Gracy is now 3 months old!!! She has been sleeping through the night since she was a month in a half. her bed time is about 10 or 10:30 and she sleeps (most of the time) all the way to 8 in the morning. Usually thats when I go in to get her because she is just chillin in her crib waiting for me. The poor thing, shes got to be starving to death and still no crying. But ask anyone that knows her, when she does want something she WILL let you know. My sister in law gave me this book called "Baby Wise" everyone with a new baby READ IT!It works wonders for night time and everything else. It really teaches about a routine with your baby other good stuff.
Danny and I went on a double date with our friends Milton and Whitney to the Uintah vs Union football game and we ended up bring her along with us. I was so nervous because the weather wasnt so good. The entire time she was enthrolled with the lights and the noises and just loved every second of it. Infact she was like an hour 1\2 past eating time! She didnt really care she just wanted to be outside. I think it helped that she got to sit by her Grandpa and Grandma through most of it. Alot of people ask me if she is 6 months and they are usually amazed that she is so smiley and communicative already at 3 months :).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogging dummy

Hey I finally got it, maybe I dont need a blogging book :) Now that I am totally into my blog I get behind after just a few days! I better get to work.

Hey Dont forget about Confrence today!