Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T minus 10,9,8......

Well officially there are 10 days till we leave on our European adventure! The reality has NOT set in. Danny Served his mission in Southern Sunny Spain, so we have saved our penny's since we got married to make it back there and see the sights. I personally am dying to see the Picasso museums, the "Guernica" piece imparticular is supposed to be amazing and HUGE. I studied him allot in college and really found he was the most advanced out of all of the "Greats", He was doing advanced sculptures and drawings at age 12 that took others like Michelangelo his entire life to master, hence the amazing distorted style he developed was more advanced than anyone can quit comprehend. Its so interesting. Man I love old time Art History. The Allombra (SP?) is one of the 7th wonders of the world, cant wait to see that. The biggest part of this trip is that miss Gracy will not be coming with us. We are lucky enough to have family that is willing to take her for 10 days:) Im starting to realize that I will be without my babe for a REALLY LONG TIME! Can I do this? Im just not sure. The plan is to stay really busy so I dont have Gracy withdrawls. Thanks for our family for being willing to take her for so long. Oh and my lil brother for babysitting Franky and Nacho to, that could be worse than a 3 year old lol.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and shinanigans.

Easter was fun this year, we attempted fishing on Brough, but unortunatley Brough was to rough lol I think Im funny. The wind was horrible and it was a bit cold. but we got to go and throw out a few lines and see the beautiful scenery. We went up to the old "spot" to spend the day with the Gardner family and rode four wheelers and played horse shoes. Gracy and her little buddy Addi were so cute. Its always so much fun to have a cousin to play with. The Rhino (SP?) was a big hit with everyone. Infact I saw danny's mouth water a few times. Im affraid if we are stuck in this house for much longer we may have to get one of those lol. The girls looked so cute strapped in there. We found a pretty little Great horned owl peeking through the rocks, I am still laughing when Corinne my sis drove up to see the owl....."EWW SICK" haha I have no idea why an owl is "sick" but anyway, animals have always freaked her out. Gracy sported the dress Nana made her :) Its pretty cute.

A few days before my mom hosted the "Snoop sisters" lunch date. They have one every Tuesday. The snoop sisters are my Grandma Gardner (Gammy) and her sisters lol. They are a hoot. We usually have something fun for lunch and then do some sort of craft and just chat. Its so fun to keep in touch with everyone. I just love my family. Its such a treat to live in the same town and be able to spend time with them.

I had to throw a picture of Franky checking on Gracy in the tub. lol. PS> Nacho got fixed WAHOOO no more strays in the back yard. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My little Brothers Mission papers have officially been sent off! I am so proud of this guy. He is going to be a great missionary and do some serious spiritual damage out there in the world. LOVE YOU RHET!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Funky~ Burnt arm ~ and Annie.

I finally got my little Table from Gypsy mammas last week.... (it was for my birthday back in march!) yeah took forever for them to paint it. anyways It didn't turn out exactly how I had in visioned it,but Im still liking it. Not to bad for 20$ bucks right?

On Sunday we decided to stay home after church and make dinner. I had a grand idea to make stake for danny. We watched this guy on food network make a butter seared stake then you finished cooking it in the oven. Well I ended up burning my my arm with butter, Brilliant. It sprayed me all the way up my arm. OUCH! I look like I have leprosy :( I hate burns. Maybe next week I can make it through without an accident. lol. (ps. The stakes were pretty good)

We had a great time with the Binghams last weekend, Its sure fun when the cousins come out. Its sure fun watching Gracy with all of her buddies. She is really starting to join becca as partners in Crime. She is in LOVE with her older cousins Addie and Annie. I remember thinking my older cousins were the coolest thing ever! Gracy got to have a sleep over at Granny Binghams house and Annie was on spring break so we got to have her over for the afternoon. They had a ball.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To HIM!

Danny Boy turned 27 years old on Tuesday! (4/12/11) I just love this guy. In honor of his Day of Birth :) I have to brag on him a little bit right? Well he has been so busy at work, he once in a while fills me in on whats happening and he really has set some amazing sales records and always finds more mountains to climb and defeat. It amazes me how self driven Danny is. I also love that when he is home he does the best he can to spend time with Gracy and I. I listened to him bare his testimony in church last Sunday and I was so proud of him. I sat there looking at him and realized how strong and spiritual and smart the guy I married is. I feel pretty lucky. He really helps me be a better person. I'm so thankful for that

Well Danny is still having stomach issues and we finally got him to go in and get a stomach scope to check things out (Thanks Clark). We are relieved to acually find something we can treat! He has Barrets disease. his esophogus is widened at the base opening connected to his stomach creating a pocket for his Reflux to bubble up even further. (this is how it was explained to me anyway) They do have a surgury for it but Doc. Smith didnt recomend it (thankfully) so Danny is going on a diet and has new eating habbits, This is great, now maybe we will both lose a few pounds this way lol.

I know he never reads our blog so I have to mention this.... still laughing at when he came out of anesthesia! he was suddenly this huge chatterbox. He was talking to Doc. Smith about Going to Africa with him for "The big Hunt" ha haha.....the Doc. was like ... OK DANNY >> U BET! Oh and I think Linda (my Mother-in-law) got an ear full about our first date Bahhaha. Thankfully it wasn't to embarrassing. Usually Danny is so reserved and never pops off like that. OH I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA!! Oh well. He is sleeping it all off and will be good as new tomorrow.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toy Box??

I am on the hunt for some cheep toy box ideas, I like this crate idea, but I googled crates and they are like 90 $$ for 5 little crates!!! Bummer huh, but thats about the price of a regular wal-mart or target toy chest, so any DIY ideas???

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tree Fin!

I finally have got Gracy's tree mural the way I wanted it in my mind :) I added a few birds and, not sure if those should stay but they are growing on me (really don't even know what kind of birds they are but they look legit right?), added some more branches and a few springy blossoms I thought it made it look less "wintery" in there . I also found some spare canvas in the crawl space, I'm sure I can find something to do with those. I love it when that happens. Its like finding 10 bucks in your winter coat :)And I just realized its 5:00 and I have no idea what to cook for dinner. No more blogging for me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleepless night!

Danny had to run to Rock Springs last minute yesterday and so I started painting gracy's room and tried out a little tree mural, its not finished up yet because I don't know if its a yay or a nay.

Also the fish pillow was sooo not my idea, danny got it for Christmas forever ago and Gracy wont sleep with out that thing, so it stays.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I found a few new finds at Gypsy Mamas! This Victorian Dresser came in a few sat. ago and I couldnt pass it up. Gracy has grown out of her white k-mart changing table we got her and it has been broken for a while. It has all original hardware. Plus I have a coffee table coming soon, Marilyn is painting it for me so it is coming soon. Today Gracy's room is getting painted a light grey, Im hoping it will show off her funiture better :)