Wednesday, September 29, 2010

to sum it up.....

sometimes life just gets so busy......but with the busy comes the best time of our life!!! My sister had her baby today!!!! 7 IBs 12 1/2 oz still NO NAME for this little fella, but thats ok, im sure the name will come. Tiff is doing great and so is baby :) Now that he is here its time for our 14 hour trek across the states to meet him. Im actually getting excited for a little road trip with my dad and Gracy. Its always nice to have a little Daddy daughter time , so with all of this driving we have officially put potty training on hold:) On another Note Danny has been working his little tail off ( this is nothing new) he has been in Dallas since Monday meeting with the big dogs. He is brilliant as a business man, I am so proud of him and the leaps and bounds he has made for his company. However all of this success means Gracy and I are really missing him lately, miss my Danny Boy! Oh and a while back I posted about a new puppy, "Frank" well , he is HUGE now and seriously can blue 42 me over, he did kill 3 large grasshoppers and place them at my feet yesterday, Im happy he knows who is the Pack Leader in the family. I guess he can stay. Also we will be traveling during Conferance!!! I always get more out of things when im driving and listening, Im excited... that pretty much sums it up,

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Gracy officially pooped in the toilet 3 times today (note: Saturday 9/25/2010) This was all her idea! She just said .. "Dad POOP, POOP, POOP". So we just put her on the toilet and left her there like we always do no big deal.....sure enough there was a special treasure waiting to be flushed !!! lol. she was so cute, clapping her hands and even talked to Grandma Bingham on the phone about it :) I dont think she is ready to pee but ......we'll take number 2 any day lol. (never thought i would be saying that) I just hope it's not a fluke, I hope she continues to be the master of the potty! Best case scenario.....potty trained in a week before the 16 hour road trip to Missouri .!!! Please pray for us.....I am worried we start some hard core potty time and then ruin it or interrupt the process with this week long vacation !!! Any who.....we got some pretty rad Minnie mouse pannies at the store today that were a BIG hit! Danny and I are pretty proud parents today !
By the way....... I dont normally try to dress my child like a thug from the hood.....she insists on dressing herself lately .... mostly just accessorising, im glad she has some of her mommy in her :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sprouse Vs Czar!

Last Saturday Danny and I went to support our good friends in the MMA fights at the Western Park. They were gracious enough to buy us a spot on their table and we were so close we were dodging sweat droplets ! Danny did NOT feel good but couldn't pass the occasion up, he looks pretty happy though with his free T-shirt and Mnt Dew to stay awake. I really have to try to talk him out of getting into fighting every time we go to these!
This is Blake's wife Brooke, I ADORE this girl! She has been such an amazing friend to me. She is always pretty nervous before Blake's fights (understandably) but as always shes cool as a cucumber !

Blake has never lost a fight, he really is fun to watch. Sadly this was his first fight he did lose with an arm bar. Most people have no respect for this sport, I didn't until I met the sprouses. You really have to play with your head and act smart. The guys that have no experience with martial arts and wrestling just think they can jump up there and use muscle to win are sorely mistaken. Blake did a great job!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I feel so silly feeling the way I have over the past few weeks. I feel sad for loosing my temper with my husband ...... and two year old. I feel mad for feeling sad and feeling down on myself for the most insignificant things. I watched this video and was overwhelmed by this family's strength and courage to endure and carry on. I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father for putting people on this earth that set the kind of example that will help billions of people. I want to be as strong as this woman someday. Thank you for sharing your story Stephanie Neilson. I remember how important the gospel is for me and my family. Sometimes its all we have.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

its time!!!!

I LOVE the fall smell in the air.......this means the best sport in the universe is about to come back into my life!!!! There is nothing more relaxing than a good hard game of ball :) This year I was asked to go play in the A league with some really cool girls. We try to practice every week and have the husbands come and hit at us :) hopefully it will get us ready for October. I LOVE playing every year and making new friends. Most of all its a great way for me to get out of the house and do something for me :) and Danny is really awsome at helping me improve my game, he has an eye for good form I guess. Well this weekend is an all nighter, 6:30 pm to 3 AM!! Gracy gets to spend the evening with her Grandpa Rico, he is taking her to the uintah\union homecoming game! She LOVES football, must take after her dad, Im hoping she will find the same love for volleyball when she gets old enough though :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I in Trouble ????

I loaded my pictures backwards oh well.........

This is Dad coming to the rescue ........ notice my child is not her usual platinum blonde........and this is after spraying her down with the hose .... yup stripped the little stinker down .First you notice that evil Glare she has going on........then you notice that beautiful shade of brown mud!!! Im pretty sure she can smell the fear I have for the teenage years.
Oh sure .......why not......I guess it looked like a good idea at the time.

She is like a hippopotamus basking in her mud bog.

Lately I am starting to feel like the terrible 2's have officially set in, After all the messes and the naughty temper tantrums, at this point I just have to laugh, I love my little 2 year old more than anything and this new stage is welcomed .....although I feel I need a nuclear radiation protection suit and some Lysol wipes on me at all times.

I should have taken a picture of our yard improvements since I keep talkin it doesnt really look very promising with all of the mud I know....but in this photo you see a little glimps of the freshly laid sod!!! oh its heaven.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SOON 2 B Auntie!!!!

Tiff is probably going to kill me but I am just so excited I need to Blog about it or I might just pop! So I got a phone call from my sister, she is prego and due the end of September, But she called me after her Dr. appointment today and said that she is progressing steadily and was told she will have the baby early but we are not sure of course my Mother is already packed and ready to hop a plane to KC. But I am just so excited for this new little "BOY" to get here!!!!!! Dont get me wrong....we have just loved our girls to death but I think any new addition is sooo exciting!!!! Its so cool to be an Aunt because you can sneak the kids extra treats and spoil them silly. Im lucky I have a bunch of little nieces and nephews so I dont get tempted to spoil my own kid to much. Anyway.....when this little guy arrived my dad, gracy and I are taking a road trip to stay in KC for a WEEK!!! and I get to snuggle that little munchkin all day :) And ....its about time we get another boy in the family !!!!!! ps. possible name for this kid will be.........(drum roll)
Ryder Grady It not official because Tiff and Ryan are freaks and cant make up their minds....I thought if I made it public it might make them more decisive ..... Im officially wishing my sister (and ryan) a happy labor :) Lets hope he comes into this world a little easier than his big sis did :) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Also We officially have a LAWN in the back yard!!!!!!! I feel like I just got a little freedom lol. Now we have all of these far out plans to have a beautiful garden and a little fire pit and a playground.......but soon realized we arent it all might have to wait and come when the money comes :) oh well Im just so thrilled about it..... maybe well get a few bbqs in before the .......snow comes.....FALL PLEASE STICK AROUND!!!!