Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RIP snowball!!!!!

So there I was......on my way to Visiting teaching, Gracy and I were on our last stop and this handsome fellow decided to jump in front of my tires! No this is not the actual feline that leaped to his death....but he did resemble this cat quit a bit, but he weighed about 10 more pounds!!! That is why I had to stop ...... I feared for the life of my car. I noticed the poor little guy laying there and noticed he had a collar! it read.... "snowball"...... oh, now I feel bad. He was some ones pet. I had to do the walk of shame to the house I hit him in front of and give the bad news. Luckily he had no idea who snowball belonged to. Im thinkin' hes in a better place now. signora snowball.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I put Gracy in the tub tonight right before bed and I usually sit on the computer because i can see her from there.... well a few minutes later she comes running out in the buff very concerned.......

Me: Gracy....what are you doing?
Gracy: um mom...ewww pee in derrrr!

We all have memories of being in the tub and someone pees or ...... does the unmentionable thing and we all jump out screaming!!!! I just cant wait till someday she has a sibling to share the fun tub memories with.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gold star! and movies.

We went out to SLC for Danny's company Christmas party last weekend. My mom and dad were gracious enough as always to take Gracy overnight for us. The company set us up in a really nice Marriott over night. It was a nice break. We went to this Japanese stake house that a fun atmosphere. Danny's boss started talking about the years progress and such and mentioned Danny specifically and talked about the leaps and bounds he has made the six months he has been with Winn Marion. Let me tell you....I was one proud Wife :) How cool is that. Im so proud of him. The down side of the trip was that I got the FLU AGAIN! last time we went out of town I was throwing of course I get it again. I really think I said a prayer 3 times ......."PLEASE dont let me puke in front of Danny's boss" and I was really dreading the smell of Japanese food! but a miracle happened and I was able to appear normal for 3 hours and order some rice hahahha. Some one even asked if I was a vegan! Bahaha, I made Danny promise not to tell everyone I was sick. It was all worth it though to hear Danny get the gold star for the night. Gracy and I are some really lucky girls to have a hard working guy in our life. We love him.
We also got to see 2 movies the next day.....I know we are die hard theater I wasnt in my usual shopping mood from the day .......for a few reviews.
Harry Potter.
Was amazing! They definatley keep getting darker but thats not a suprise if you read the books. They had a weird dream with harry and hermine kissing and it was not for kids. I love the new characters they brought in. The book was way more in depth with a few scenes, like when hermine killed that big snake in severis 's house. It seemed more of an epic explosion battle, and had more death eaters stalking them. But thats the only scene I expected more out of. It still blows my mind a single mom sat down and wrote these books. Wow!
The Tourist.
It was a good sit down movie. I am as everyone else a big Depp and Jolie fan so I of course went in expecting crazy characters and mind bending story line, and it just simply was....simple. The acting was good but everything was predictable and I yawned alot. But did enjoy it. Those big acters just make you have a big expectations. Danny and I laughed that it was alot of watching jolie's character strut about Venice in fancy true. But again....I did enjoy watching it. And to be honest it was kindof refreshing watching Depp play a regular guy.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a woman.....

A Mother is a person seeing there are only 4 pieces of pie for 5 people, promptly announces that she never really cared for pie!~ Tenneva Jordan.
This describes my mother. I don't know how many times she went without so we could have everything.

December 3rd was my mom's birthday.... This woman is in so many ways my hero. I adore her. She has made me who I am today. She is so beautiful....physically, mentally and emotionally. Something I remember the most are those nights I was sick as a little girl. I remember laying there sick with a fever and just loving the touch of her cool hands on my forehead. I love how everything was homemade and delicious, especially hand ground cinnamon wheat bread. How our house was ALWAYS clean and tidy and again....something delicious filling the house with an aroma the neighbors could smell. I remember her helping me put together my bug collection in 4th grade, she hunted the bugs with me, so we could find bugs the other kids wouldn't have in theirs. all of the things that meant the most to us kids was her #1 agenda, and the best part that I am all grown up, its still the same. I can call my mom and tell her Gracy's latest adventure and she is just oooing and awwing with me. I cant help but realize the mother that made my own mother great....Grandma laura was also one of those divine individuals in my life that I have to thank, I love the person she raised my mother to be and Through these wonderful women I hope to maybe even be half as amazing as them and raise my own little girl with the privileges that I had growing up. Its so weird to transition from being your parents Mrs. Bingham and being a mom myself. I still cant believe Im a mom. It blows my mind at times. I LOVE IT, but...The best thing about having her 10 minutes away .... I can drop in and she babies me like she did when I was 5. She warms me up some leftovers and lets me escape from the web of reality. I think everyone should have a place like that. I love you mom and I am so proud and thankful of the example youve set for me.
Way to Rock the 50's like a champ, Happy birthday mom. !!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

OH Gracy......

So last night my mom called and asked to speak to Gracy:

My mom (Nana) : Cici you ready for nana to come pick you up?
Nana: can you get your shoes on and your coat on?
Nana: K ill be over soon.
Gracy: Fun mom, cici have fun with Nana, papa and shoes!

So I got ready for my volleyball games and Gracy proceeded to put her shoes on and her coat...seriously by herself cuz nana told her to.

After my games I came in the door and Danny said Gracy was waiting for me in bed to tuck her in.

Me: hey sissy, what did you do today with Nana and papa?
Gracy: Mommuh, so fun,
Me: you had so much fun?
Gracy: yes yes -- did! (she was so excited she couldnt even speak)
Gracy: cedeees (mercedese cousin) Marsha (aunt) puhCorn ....Movies. FUN! Donalds (mcDonalds) so Fun. k...Nigh nigh, kiss, Bye uve you!

I had to document this ... she actually was able to tell me what she had been the order it happened. How amazing is that for a 2 year old to do. And not only that have a perfectly reasonable conversation on the phone with my mom. Then she was shoowing me out the door so she could sleep, I was really trying to contain my giggles the entire time. I LOVE this little girl. How did I get so lucky.