Tuesday, July 21, 2009

High Uintahs

Danny and I finally made it on our 2 year Anniversary date :) I loved every minute of it....well maybe the last few miles home were a little grooling but I did have a TON of fun. I have always loved horses and loved riding them. Never really got to go on a "real" ride though, just in the neighbors field and around the neighborhood as a kid. I guess I married into the right family, cuz this was as real as it gets lol. Our hopeful destination was Lilly Pad lake, for some reason when we got up there we could see the lake but couldnt get the horses in there, so we traveled another couple miles up to the East Chain lake. By this time, I honestly didnt believe I could get myself off of this horse.....I was so saddle sore, riding 15 miles straight. Although after seeing the lake it was soooo worth it. We took our fishing poles and a couple cans of soup, best soup I ever had :) So a few bumps in the road .......... the horse I was riding (bud, the paint) decided to just lay down in the middle of the trail and roll over.....he just had an itch .......couldnt help himself i guess.....anyway........not a very experienced rider I bailed off a little scared but totally willing to get back on .......then on the way home he did it again. I cant even imagine how ridiculous I looked, flailing my arms and rolling in the dirt to save myself lol. Also Jake the horse danny rode threw a shoe on the way home......poor danny had to walk almost 10 miles all the way home. I also got peed on by a frog.......I guess I asked for it :) Thanks to my sister-in-law....she let me borrow her sweet boots for the ride. :) I wish I would have taken more pictures. It was next to impossible for me to snap pictures while I was trying to drive that huge animal...so I took what I could. Thanks Danny for taking me and working so hard for our trip.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

what we have been up to.

We had another party for Gracy with the Bingham side of the family on her REAL birthday :) June 30th. Gracy is always in 7th heaven when she gets to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Neola. She would sit in the garden and play in the dirt all day. This was one of the cutest things ive ever seen, Linda gave Gracy a pickle and she sucked that thing dry, thats her new favorite snack. She also ate 1 1\2 hot dogs. seriously when she sees everyone else eating she suddenly gets an appetite. Little stinker. :)

Gracy's new hat that Grandma Mary got her. and of course danny playing the Wii. what a suprise.
These are Gracy's fun cousins. Annie and Konrad. (she has many many MANY more) Gracy adores all her cousins. She couldnt get enough of Annie though, its not so apparent in this picture but annie and Gracy look alot alike.
I never post pictures of Nacho, she is such a good girl and is so cute with Gracy. We have so much fun. I have to admit though, With a dog, a baby and a Danny, i feel like I have 3 kids sometimes.
What a Daddies girl. She loves getting to see the horses and spending time outside with her dad. People always ask me who's baby I have with me, lol. Im a little out of place at the binghams with all those Toe heads. :)

Gracy's signature look. She looks miserable i know, but she really is happy, thats what face she seems to pull when we talk to her. lol.
Gracy is hilarious in the bath, its kinda sad im still sticking her in the baby tub still, sometimes I forget shes not my newborn anymore. She could stay in there forever splashing and yelling and singing as loud as she can. She loves the pink panther tune. She cant quit sing it, but we always hear alot of NUH NUH NUH's :) Nacho seems to frequently and casually come into the bathroom while im giving her a bath to make sure she is ok. It cracks me up how she puts her little chin on the side of the tub and Gracy will giggle and nacho will leave.....like alright......just checkin...... :)

This is Gracy's new favorite thing. she has the funniest little tan lines. My mom and I laid out in the sun while she played for almost 2 hours! I was feeling like i needed the sun and of course ended up getting scorched. I now look like a leper. Oh well I guess thats what you get for not seeing the sun in 2 years lol.
This weekend we are finally getting to our Anniversary Date ( I know it was supposed to happen last month). Danny is taking me camping ........like real roughin' it kind of stuff. I grew up camping in trailers and having four wheelers and bbqing , we are packing up a few horses and not taking any food, except some water and trail mix and our fishing poles. ! Im so excited to get to be in the mountains and just hang out. Jon and Linda are going to babysit for us! I know lucky them. This is Gracy's first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I hope she is a good girl. Im so glad she sleeps through the night and does pretty good. Im hoping she does just as good at someone elses house.
For the other half of our life.........GRACY IS WALKING!!!! Well more like RUNNING. I cant get a thing done! this little girl is everywhere. we bought gates and she is already trying to climb them. Ya know she didnt even start taking a few steps ..... she just took off across the room! My mom and I were like.......was that gracy?????? its the cutest thing Ive ever seen. I need to post a video of her walking.
Our Business.......is going great! we have even picked up more business. I am learning all the "Grown up" stuff......so the stuff that isnt to fun to do ......like taxes and invoices and dealing with those crazy accountants. I Still have not mastered the Quick books program, but am getting there. I think we will survive it all. We couldn't do it with out our awesome family. They have really done so much to help. Love you guys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Worst mother of the Year award goes to.........ME!

I haven't had a ton of time to blog lately since the girls birthday but I just had a "Bad Mom" moment and its still eating at me so much that I cant really bring myself to do anything else..... Anyway.....so I got a business call and one of our companies asked me to go set out some bottles for them and that means picking up and heading out the door on a dime. So we did....I was in a hurry because I only had about 15 minutes to get everything set out for the guy coming. Well I locked Gracy in the truck with it NOT running and it had been sitting in the sun for about 2 hours! So I made my first 911 call. I cant believe I did that. A police officer came over right away and got the door open in the truck so fast, but still in that little amount of time her little cheeks were flushed and sooo rosey, and she was so hot and sweaty, I am still feeling sick about it. seriously first thing, I am making like 12 copies of every key I own!!!!! It made me think about those kids that are intentionally left in a car, I think Gracy was in the car for about 7 minutes before the officer got the truck open and she was very "over-heated" can you imagine being left in a car for over an hour!!!!! It makes me teary just thinking about what I just did. its sad that it happens regularly.