Monday, February 23, 2009

7 Random Facts

Ive been Dared !

1. Well my mind is completely Blank so I'm just going to start ............humm. Well I have always loved any kind of Art, I haven't got to keep up on painting but my new project is painting and updating my home. for now the kitchen, next up my entertainment center.

2. I absolutely love animals, my little dog nacho is like another kid.

3. I love to play volleyball, especially outside in the sun.

4. Im a terrible cook, I can mess up jello! I always beg Danny to cook. (hes amazing)

5. I would rather watch UFC or the office before I would watch a chick flick. seriously they are never that good, its always about cheating and divorce and action is way more exciting :)

6. Im extremely claustrophobic. (I have to be on top when we hug ) It works out cuz I'm tall.

7. I love love love being a mom, lately Gracy will let me brush her hair and so we usually put in monsters inc or the Incredibles and do hair and toenails :)

I Dare......Tiff, Ashli Painter, Sheridan, Alisha, and Nahomi.


JD & Whitney said...

Nicky! you are so funny! I love UFC!! One time I went over to DR and Brynna's house and I was watching the fights with all the boys while Marci, keisha, and Brynna were all in the kitchen beings loud girls! haha it was funny.

JD & Whitney said...

oh yeah and I love my dogs like they're my kids, its sad cuz i get teased. But i love them. and I can't cook worth crap either. All I can make is Spaghetti haha i think we should go on a Triple date soon. what do you think?

Ryan & Tiffany said...

Now I'm always going to be on top when we hug.....well, nevermind. You might bust a UFC move on me and throw me down on the stairs. You get out here right now! Come on, Danny makes tons of money. Use your new computer to book a plane ticket. Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now. Call me to tell me when to pick you up at the airport. Call me. Seriously. Hurry up.

Jillybean said...

Nicky, I LOVE the big picture of Gracy at the top of your blog. It's absolutely adorable.

Stan & Ash said...

NIkki your family is so cute and i love all those bows and such that you and your sisters were making!! So cute!