Saturday, May 23, 2009

pure happiness :)

I had to throw in a cute picture of Gracy:) she is getting soooo big :) And did so good for our six hour drive to get the couch :) you can see my Kohl's magazine on the floor ripped to smithereens!!! Not so innocent huh . lol :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

home alone

This is how I feel today, Danny has been in Denver since Monday morning for work! Its been the craziest week for me, Ive really learned how much Danny does for me everyday! Its the hardest thing to do Mom and dad jobs all week lol. Can you imagine being a single mom and having ot do this everyday of your life!!! I don't know how they do it! This is why marriage is so important, so you can keep your sanity through life! I think that's how you know you married the right one, when you really are "incomplete" with out them, or cant function everyday, lol literally. Im am sooo looking forward for danny to come home, not just to save me but because I MISS HIM so much!. So does Gracy, all she says is DA DA DA DA DA DAAAA DA DA. I translate to Daddy. And yes ...... i know its only been four days :) IM a lightweight.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally a new couch!

well after two years of having a 6 generation imitation leather beater-upper couch, Its my turn for a new one.........or I guess new to me.....anyway, our living room is small.....well our entire house is small and so to seat a few more people we decided to get a sectional type couch for our living room, and, as you all know furniture is soooo expensive especially sectionals. So I have been frantically searching Ksl and found the cutest one for only 450 BUCKEROOS! I know. it seems a little gross to buy second hand furniture but seriously you can find some good stuff, like next to new, barley sat on kind of stuff. So yeah, im so excited and thought it was worth blogging about :) so my living room wall color is simialr to the one in the picture and have alot of black accents so I thought the red couch would be so fun and exciting :) Im getting really tired of tans and brown, why not go a little crazy ?????,218,ad,6517302,lpid,,cat,43

Check it out and let me know what you all think!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guns and Roses!

I attempted to curl Gracy's hair yesterday, it still looks like shes a wild woman I just love her blue eyes in this picture.

The Desert Eagle. super tiny.

Gorgeous fire Dalia, Top three favorite flowers.

The Classic French tulip. So pretty.

I have such a thoughtful husband. Ive never met anyone who obsesses about gifts (to get the perfect one) of whatever he is getting me. I have to say I had a wonderful mothers day. I am so lucky to get to be with my Gracy everyday. And It makes it even better how great her daddy is. I have been wanting to get my concealed weapons permit so I can leave a gun in the car when Gracy and I travel alone and Danny went and got me this one. We went and shot it together and I am going to have to get used to the kick. I know livin' up the country lifestyle, Also This huge vase of flowers showed up at the door Saturday morning and it seriously made my heart melt, It was a mixed arr. with Dalia's,tulips, stargazer Lillie's, stock, purple QueenAnnes Lace, banana leaves, curly willow and allot of Greenery, It was amazing, All my favs, I have to thank the VF girls, they are always taking care of me. Anyway, Danny scored big time for my first mothers day. Hence The guns and roses lol. Danny thought he was pretty clever.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Soon to be Business owners!

Well Danny and I have almost finished cutting through the red tape on buying our parents business from them. Its such an amazing opportunity and still cant believe we are doing it, we are so thankful to our parents and for helping us through the process but, To be honest we have been feeling like ya have to take a risk these days to get anywhere in life. But at the same time, Im scared to death, with the economy and "our current Government situation" cough cough "OBAMA" lol, its been a little discouraging. Ive really learned alot about how our country is running, seriously I could literally feel my ears burn and crumple to the ground when I found out what a small business owner goes through, seriously you pay nearly half of your actual income to the government, especially if you make over 100 K a year, oh there is sooooo much more that is honestly DEVASTATING to the brain, Its amazing to me, I would think that the government would salute these people that are working hard and earning a REAL living, not just depending on others tax dollars to put food in there children's mouths. Is it really a "free" country when its next to impossible to actually make money, when the governments goal is to have the American people depend on them FOR EVERYTHING. So the guy working toward his future and ends up making some good money they take it and give YOUR hard earned money to Mr. Mullet down the road that doesn't feel like getting off his couch. And it makes me ill thinking that I will never get to see my Social Security benefits later in life, because the government decided one day that they deserve it more than me and my family, even though we've worked for it our entire lives, I better stop there before I start to ramble. I just have been feeling the crunch and needed to vent. Im just sooooo glad I married Danny, he is so calm and collected, so incredibly smart, he must have just been born with his mind filled up with all of this information.

Monday, May 4, 2009


She's such a goof ball, she is starting to tease all the time, thinking we will run after her and tickle her. we get this little grin alot with Gracy. I love it. like I said .....just like her dad.

She has been learning how to stand up in her crib and it totally freaks me out, dont mind the boogers in her nose,lol ..... Ill go in there in the middle of the night to just check, and ill see her sitting up just hanging out not saying a word, once she sees me she usually giggles a little and then I lay her back down and she goes to sleep. Is this even normal???

so a week ago danny and placed a little bet. Guess who won, yeah it was me.........anyway, I was positive Gracy would be crawling by Friday, and amazingly she did, just took off like she had been doing it forever, it was hilarious!!! My dad stopped by that morning to visit and he sat down on the couch and there she went, It was fun to see it with my dad. And to have a witness so danny would believe me, anyway I followed her around with the camera until I got it on tape, oh and cleaning up the house, seriously I just quit picking stuff up i just let her ramsac the house and I am kicking myself for that one, my house looks like a tornado hit. In the video she is such a whiner ...... its really funny, and Yea i did bribe her with cookies, I know its terrible. I got desperate, and I did end up giving her a cookie.