Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can not believe how crazy this month already is! Im feeling frazzled and excited. My sister Tiffany and her Baby Bailey are finally here! They live in Kansas city MO, and usually come out 2 times a year and we also usually get out there to visit. Anyway, She is here for like 2 1\2 weeks!!! I am so excited we have family movies planned, bbq's, smore and hot dog roasting, movie nights, and the most anticipated 1 year birthday for the girls :) if anyone doesnt know, Gracy and Bailey are only 3 days apart! How fun is that for cousins. We stayed up till midnight making crafts and fun stuff for their party last night, yummy buttercream cupcakes and party hats. Danny even came over and joined in the fun, which is totally unheard of. I just miss being around my sisters so much, its nice to have them around, it makes me feel like I can act like "the little immature sister" again.

So to the frazzled part, Im trying to figure out this business we are running, I have my moms help but it still stresses me out. Theres alot to remember, I think im just paranoid i am going to forget to do something important. My mom keeps telling me it took her 10 years to get it all down, and she is totally right, I need to just relax and remember its ok to mess up.

I have two family reunions this month, one right after another! I am incharge of games on one of them and I was really excited until Danny informed me he isnt comeing with me! So hopefully I can find someone to pawn my child off to so I can do my part. I may need a trial run of setting up our tent, I forget how much I depend on Danny, lol. to do those things that never cross my mind. Hes s ogood to just ....take care of it.

I know that I read whats been on my mind its not so bad. lol. I guess thats what blogging is for. Digital thoughts.


Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

Such cute girls! Thanks for stopping by the other day! We always love to see you guys! I'm sorry that you have been so crazy lately I totally can relate right now. It will get better it always does! We really need to plan a weekend to go to the zoo. I still really want to go.

Adree said...

WHAT???? DAnyy's not going to the reunion??????