Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Christmas.

This is such an Imbarrassing picture of me and I hate posting pictures with me in it...but I had to show our first christmas....also, danny and I promised not to get eachother anything because we got our presents a small shopping spree and a pistol. He is so thoughtful and cute and got me a ZEN, I know. havent heard of it huh...yeah its a cool little MP3, WITH RADIO i kow my husband it the best.
Gracy figuring out the present thing....she liked the wrapping better than the gifts :)

This is Aunt Lisa and uncle Konrad in his clone suit...Gracy could not figure out why he was wearing that the entire christmas morning :)

Her are the kids with their Christmas jammies on!
Adi, Konrad, Bridger, Annie, Jeramy, Gracy and Preston

It was Gracy's First Christmas! we were so excited to spend it with Grandma nd Grandpa Bingham, to be honest it was my first year away from my family this year and it was so fun. It also was Danny and I's first year as mommy and daddy. I seriously was so excited to watch my little girl open her first present. I am so affraid of missing all of those precious moments. what a blessing to have such amazing family.

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The Willey's said...

I try to view everyone's (my siblings) blogs each sunday and I almost feel like we have talked. Miss you guys so much and really miss your little Gracy...we cannot get enough of her.