Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Volleyball and Flagfootball!

I just thought I would post before the weekend comes. Danny just started Flag football and is completely loving it. He even went and got himself these ridiculously flashy cleats (sp?) they are bright red, he thought they were pretty cool. I am having a blast on my Volleyball league. My good friend Brooke is doing it with me and we are loving it. Its amazing how a little activity can change allot of things for the better. Danny and I both feel better and have loved getting back into shape. Although Danny did break his finger last game he is even more excited to go back and play harder.....I really need to post a picture of it. Its pretty huge and colorful. He is of course the star of the game, always pulling off crazy TD and receiving and throwing amazing passes. I have never been that "star" athlete but Ive loved to play sports, so its really fun to see Danny just blow everyone away. He is seriously a natural, just walks onto the field and has a good time. I am a proud wife on the sidelines :) I just hope he doesn't break anything worse than a finger. Although he is an amazing athlete he is also extremely accident prone. I have to remind him to "BE CAREFUL"

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