Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Denver vacation!

Labor Day weekend Danny and I headed out to Denver to meet my sister and brother in law half way in Denver CO. We had such a blast. We went to the Denver aquarium and just had a good time with the whole family together. The girls are hilarious to watch. Their personalities are really starting to show. I Forgot how much I miss my family being together, late night games good restaurants and just being around my crazy family is my favorite thing in the world. Our rooms at the Hyatt were soo accommodating and surprisingly nice for the price we paid. the only set back was the ride to Denver and the ride back....super Gracy blowouts. Im so glad I packed a bunch of garbage bags so i didn't have to throw any clothes away lol. A much needed get-a-way for everyone. Plus We were all missing Tiff, Ryan and Bailey, it was fun to see them. The weekend ended to fast!
Waiting to eat at the White Chocolate resturaunt. ........ it was good but my favorite was the Claim jumper!!

Gracy's famous look.

sting rays

The girls outside of the sponge bob ride

So Exhausted.

Gracy was pretty intrigued with the walking shark

She made it through the kid tunnels all by herself.....like she owned the place lol.

Gracy didnt really let anyone haul her arround except danny. She loves her dad so much.

they had fish in the ceiling

Gracy and Grandpa Rico.

Gracy would poke her head up out of her porta-crib and say "dada dada dada..Book....dada" I love this picture.


Brett and Diane said...

What a fun family trip. It looks like you guys had a great time. I wish Denver wasn't so far away. Gracy's hair is getting so long. I couldn't get over it in one of the pictures.

Clark and Amy said...

How fun! Gracy is getting so big, she's a cutie.