Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Halloween was so much fun this year, This is Gracy's Second Halloween but first to actually go trick-or-treating. She was so hilarious. Just cheesing it up the entire time. What a doll. She had been insisting on wearing her monkey outfit the entire week, and never got tired of it lol.
My dad got his weird mask out and it didn't even faze Gracy....she was just a little confused that Grandpa suddenly looked like that. lol.

Yup I got Danny to dress up......I think Hell must have froze over. :) He was a really good sport. I went as Jem and the rockers .......Gracy was the cutest little monkey ever and Danny.....of course was Elvis. :)

Gracy loves her cousin Luke....(second cousins) she just clung onto him every second she could. He is such a good little boy. Its so fun to see the family.

This picture makes me laugh.....its the fearless monkey escaping into the wild wilderness alone and unafraid :) lol. My favorite.

The Halloween pajama's.....she would throw a temper tantrum when i tried to take them off.....she sure likes them.....looks like we might be wearing them until christmas time.

She is starting to let me curl her hair latley .... its sooo cute for about 15 minutes lol.


Clark and Amy said...

So cute! I loved all the pictures. Gracy is starting to look so grown up. We can't wait to see you guys.

Stan & Ash said...

she is so cute!! I miss you guys next time you come to the city we all need to get together!!!

Paul and Carly said...

Your costumes are great! I can't wait till we have kids so that I have a reason to dress up all crazy. I need your email so I can invite you to our blog. Will you email it to That would be awesome. I'm glad you are doing so good and your family is so cute!
Talk to you soon