Thursday, December 10, 2009

LONG TIME no see!

Yeah im a slacker.....i still have my halloween post up. .... its been a busy holiday season I guess. Anyway.....before I catch up I managed to throw together some family christmas cards and would love to send all of you one.... Leave me your address's please please, only if you want one... :) maybe Ill get my thanksgiving post up this week :)


Kay's said...

i would love one and i would love to send you one too so leave me your address, mine is 181 west 2100south.

The Harrison's said...

hey if you're up to sending me one, my address is:
Scott and Trista Harrison
1516 South 500 East
Vernal, Utah

tell me your address and i'll send you one too :)

Happy Holidays!

Dave & Alisha said...

i love Christmas cards but Im not doing them cause well lets be honest who cares about dave and I.. haha
132 e 200 n
smithfield 84335

Tiffany Grady said...

THAT PICTURE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Who took it? I wanna know. haha You all look so cute, I love that Gracy is smiling. You better send me a card and you better already have my address. 10403 N Cypress AVe, KC MO 64156. Miss you!!!!

Tiffany said...

Your blog background is so pretty, it looks like a christmas stocking or tablecloth. So festive.