Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up......

I have been a slacker lately and haven't updated for a while. For some reason the first of the year is always a whirlwind for us, a good whirlwind :) We have alot of good things planned for this year. I think we all are getting the bug and are ready for camping and sunshine. This winter has brought on the blues for us and so we have been keeping busy. Gracy got to have a fun play date with her cute cousins left to right Becca, Bridger, Gracy and Adi. They also got to go see the circus together that came to vernal. I think Gracy is still a little young to want to sit for an hour in a half and watch elephants.......I think I liked it more than her. It was actually really cool, WAY over priced though lol.
This is Gracy FINALLY feeling better after getting over her ear infection. I was so upset to leave her sick while i left to Vegas. But thank goodness she has an amazing daddy that drops everything to take care of her. Thanks again to Danny and my mom and dad for helping me out :) I am so blessed to have great family all around me.

This is kinda not so important, but fun for me. I had been eyeballing this vintage lamp for like two years while i worked for betty at Merle norman. It was part of the Goosbumps inventory. Well she recently went out of business and I got this awesome find for like 75% off, and thus in my budget I was able to get it! The bad thing is it was a wal fixture, so since danny is the handiest husband in the world was able to re wire it for the plug in, seriously he is the best.

Gracy's favorite spot lately. she could hang out in the fridge for ever, she cries when i make her get out lol. I don't understand this new fascination.

just a few pictures I took from vegas, we had tons and tons of pictures. so i snagged a few. This was the best store. Its called "lush" its all naturally made skin care. infact these face masks were in a bowl on ice they scooped it out for us to take home. and it smalled like frosting :)

I have to tell you my friend amber was 7 1\2 months pregnant while we were there. And to be honest I seriously couldn't keep up with her. lol. What a trooper. I am so glad I have great friends. Ive known these girls since 3rd grade. Sometimes we dont get to see each other for a year and its neat because we still can get together and pick up were we left off. Thanks for inviting me! Loved vegas. it was a really great place....There is alot of filth there also, but we kept really busy and enjoyed ourselves. We went and saw the Broadway show "the lion king" Please go see it! There is nothing like it. I was so amazed the entire time.
I didnt get any pictures on Valentines weekend but Danny had a friend getting married in Pleasant grove area so we decided to go to the reception and socialize with Danny's old roommates. It was alot of fun, we actually had some really grand plans to go and eat at a nice place and get dressed up , unfortunately we both thought we had food poisoning but it was just the flu, and we cant believe we traveled while we were so sick. I wouldnt recommend it, lol. In fact Danny almost lost it while we were riding the elevator up to our hotel room lol. We both felt a little better next morning and went and ate at the corner bakery for breakfast and it was sooo yummy. Thank you to Nanna and Papa for having a sleepover with Gracy :) We wanted to bring her with us but They insisted on taking her. I am so glad Gracy gets those precious memories that I had as a little girl. Sleeping over and Grandma and Grandpas house making forts and eating candy before bed, Ill never forget my Grandpa trying to fix my hair for me :) I LOVE that Gracy gets the same memories.


JACOB and WHITNEY said...

Love the face mask pictures! You all are so dang cute!

Jillian said...

I still absolutely LOVE your haircut! It makes me want to go do something with mine... only I don't know what in the world would look good :S I'm not good with that kind of stuff. And your Gracy is looking like quite the grown up little girl! Wow--so cute!

Keisha said...

I think the vegas vacation looks so fun! Friends forever!! All of you girls are so stinkin cute.

BrEZe said...

i got to see the lion king on broadway when i went to new york and it was Amazing!! i didn't think i would like it nearly as much as i did.. and would love to see it again :)

sounds like you guys have been really busy!!