Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What happens in Vegas May not ever get to Vegas!!!

I had to post this picture because Nacho and Barkley(my sisters dog i am babysitting) have been worried sick about Gracy, they wont leave her side its pretty cute...they guard her door and everything.

This is Gracy feeling at the top of her game.....all relaxed and watching cartoons with her fav. duck. comes complete with a spagetti-o- stain on the front of the jammies.
This is Gracy today.....fever of has been up and down since 3 this morning. She has been drinking TONS of gatorade and eating fruit and cereal bars, so im hoping she is starting to get better. Im determined to getting her back in shape before I leave tomorrow.

Not quit the same little girl. It is killing me to think I am leaving for a vacation while my baby is sick. How selfish can you get. Anyway, this sort of thing is always bound to happen when youve been planning a vacation for 5 months! I am glad she will have my mom and Danny to take care of her, Im sure she will be just fine but still, the guilt keeps creeping in at me. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE EYES, and pale face. She feels so yucky and still is such a happy little thing, making jokes and giggling at the movie she is watching. I remember my mom making me special little beds wiht my favorite stuffed animal while I was sick. for some reason it sure made me feel better. I hope its working for little lou lou. Its so hard to leave her like that.

On a different note, Im starting to figure out this super short hair business, I like not having to do it ...AT ALL lol. between Gracy having a freakish amount of hair i think I needed to chop mine because between the both of us we were spending WAY to much time wrestling frolike hair symptoms lol. One wild hair is enough in this house. Plus I spend less than half of what I usually do on shampoo. Danny and i decided to call it the Econemy friendly haircut. yeah its lame but we get a good laugh making fun.


Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

I forgot to tell you this before, but I LOVE love LOVE your hair. It totally fits you. I wish I was that brave..

And poor Gracie, it's so hard to see your babies sick, isn't it?! Your momma will take good care of her.

Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

oh my gosh poor little girl. You are such a good mom to be trying so hard to get her back to normal. I love your hair whoever cut it did such a great job. You look so cute!

JD & Whitney said...

Poor gracy!! I hope she gets better soon. I love that dog! Your hair is so freakin cute!

The ZELAYA'S said...

I do sick beds too when my kids are sick, they love it!
ps I LOVE your hair!

The Willey's said...

I love your hair!!! I wish I was as beautiful and as brave as you are so that I could pull the short hair look off.