Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gracy's first fish

On Saturday we headed up to Calder to catch a few fish. It was such a nice day.....a little chilly but we all loved every second . It was my first mountain trip of the year, I grew up fishing, baiting my own hook and gutting the fish we caught, its something that is a big part of my life. It was heaven for me to see my little girl get so thrilled to go fishing, seriously she was giggling and just spilling over with excitement the entire time. It was so fun to see her with her Daddy learning and getting that one on one time. Those are the times I loved most spending with my dad. We caught a few 19-20 inchers but i think they have to be like 22 inches to take home......so we didn't get to keep any. What a beautiful day..... My Dad (who taught me the ropes and sport of fishing) and my Beautiful mom.
It got so cold i had to put gracy's extra socks on her hands.....and of course they were coated with fish slime pretty quick.

Danny would go fishing everyday if he could, I think he may be a little obsessive.

Na Na and Pa pa and Stinker.

Gracy kept saying ......AWSOME...cooo ......Ish .....ISH (meaning fish of course)

This is Gracy reeling in her first fish with her very own pink pole Grandpa Gardner got her when she was born.

Nacho was so thrilled to find out there were living creatures at the end of our lines lol......she loves the out doors. Wish we could have giving her one of the fish to play with. maybe next time nach.

Thanks cousin Adi for the levi jacket!!!

taken pictures. say "cheese mamma" ......so excited to get to the lake and "ISH"

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