Monday, July 12, 2010

July 4th

We had such a great holiday this year..... on Monday we went to the lake with the Gardner bunch and rocked the jet skies and my dad surprised us and bought the most hilarious tube (THE MOLECULE), I haven't had that much fun since back in the day when my body was made out of rubber!!! We honestly launched this guy 12 feet in the air...I AM NOT exaggerating either. Nothing better than sunburns and a day on the lake :) my perfect idea of a day :) Gracy was hilarious she slept under the picnic table for about 2 hours :) We did our own fireworks at the house :) Gracy wasnt really impressed she did like the sparklers and the poppers though.... please dont mind the jungle of weeds in the background........

Best parents of the year award ....... letting our 2 year old man a sparkler by herself. . .... she did pretty good. no serious burns :)

she got a red lawn chair for her birthday......LOVES IT and it sits in our living room alot :)

Dad and his girls :) teaching the art of pyrotechnics :) Danny gets this crazy look in his eye whenever we go to buy scares me to think what he was like as a child lol.

We went up to Oaks park to catch a few fish and just relax with the Gardner family (we caught WAY more than a few) ........ Gracy loved it so much, but unfortunatley ended up sleeping in the truck for most of the time. . . . . for some reason the mountain always makes ya really tired and hungry :)

Gracy and her Great Grandpa Ned :) She LOVES her Greats :)


The Harrison's said...

Hey Nikki! We have been addicted to fishing lately, but we've never been to oaks park, is it really good fishing there? let me know please! :) thanks!

JD & Whitney said...

how fun!

Stan & Ash said...

aww... gracie is so cute!!! I love that cake that you make for her birthday!! YOu need to come give me some lessons!

Tiffany said...

I love that picture of her with Grandpa. I'm glad Danny didn't burn your house down. :) That little lawn chair is so cute.