Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Bar strangled Banner!!!

A Conversation between me and one of my kids in Nursery last week:

Mitch (3 yrs old) : sis. Nicky, is it time for sparklers yet?

me: Nope, mitch I think the 4th of July is next weekend.

Mitch: Well alright, maybe you could promise me to sing the "Bar Strangled Banner" for everyone at the Bishops room (meaning the chapel)

Me: hummm, well maybe we can sing it together after snack time next Sunday in nursery.

Mitch: k..... ill wear my race car shoes.


I am so excited for the fourth this year. No real reason, we don't even have any plans. We are hoping to make it up camping but the weather is not looking so promising. I think that as I get older I get a better understanding and respect for my country. Its easy to get down and lets face it....ANGRY about how the leaders of our country have responded to all the mayhem. but I always like to remember that it was no mistake how we were founded. It really is a Divine country we live in and we are simply the Best and meant for a greater purpose than the rest of the world ....... . No matter whats going on now I am truly proud to be an American and am so lucky to have the choices I have and the freedoms I have to raise my family.



Brett and Diane said...

Little kids say the BEST funnest things and you are way good to remember it I never can. Hope your 4th was great!

Jillian said...

Love that picture, and I love that conversation from Nursery. Kids are the best :)