Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Fun

Last weekend some of the Bingham Bunch came to Neola to visit and we took all the kids to the corn maze in Bluebell. Its always a party when the Binghams all get together. Danny, Gracy and I ended up sleeping over and we all watched "How to train you Dragon" Gracy's new favorite show. to her its....."gaaagon" peeeese!!!! She just adores all of her cousins. She copycats everything the little girls do. Dont ya just love family???? Thanks to Adree for the Pictures, I left my camera on the couch. I'm pretty convinced we need to get some goats. Gracy's favorite thing. She kept making goat sounds back at them.
Of course I couldn't leave out the Crazy Gardner's !!!! My sister and Brother decided to come out and visit the same weekend. So I spent Sat night with them. We made peanut butter witch fingers and some really nasty homemade root beer.....note:do not try and substitute Ginger Ale for club soda....its sick. Anyway, Danny couldn't handle the partying so he took gracy home and the rest of us Gardner's stayed up till about 2AM watching movies and being dorks. Its my favorite ! I better give my ol' man (dad) and ol' lady (mom) a shout out for finding their inner youth and staying up late with us.

aren't we attractive? We cant figure out why Danny never wants to stay and party with us..........

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Rhet said...

Love it sister. Love your guts.