Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

We had our ward Halloween party and we threw together some costumes.....actually we got gracy's little costume from my sister in law adree about.... two years ago, and gracy is finally big enough to wear it. Isnt she the cutest little butterfly? (she thinks its a dragon costume) shhhhh. My costume was.... yes homemade....I got the dress from my moms old dress ups, it was my Grandma Morrison's old dress from the 50's ..I think she would be happy its getting put to use, We had to take the hem out though, my legs are slightly longer than my petite granny's :) Any way, everyone thought I was a dead pioneer or something, It was my attempt of "Wednesday Adams" . Notice, Danny is not in the pictures.....BECAUSE....HE wouldnt dress up. I had a PERFECT Nacho Libre costume all ready to roll and NOPE, wase a party pooper. oh well.

Look at my cute baby!!!!!!!!!!

She was mad I didnt put the lipstick on her LIPS ,


The Batty's said...

Cutest Butterfly I have ever seen. And great homemade costume. Those are the best.

The Batty's said...

Oops...I meant cutest DRAGON.

Eric and Elizabeth said...

You look great. I love Gracie's costume. Next time you'll just have to put lipstick on her lips. Eric didn't want to dress up either but I made him. What is it with our men?

JD & Whitney said...

how freaking cute!