Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Takin' a Breatherrrrrr.

This weekend has been anticipated for quit sometime :) its been a while since Ive had some one on one time with that Mountain man I live with :) (hence the Beard and shaggy hair) We are going to a CONCERT! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bingham this wouldn't be happening, they are spending the weekend with Miss Gracy, She loves her gummuh and gumpuh :) Dredge sounds a little on the wild side but they are GOOD. Seriously talented musicians. Plus this cd was what we always listened to while Danny and I were dating. We are meeting all of our friends in SLake and hopefully eating some yummy ethnic food. We will see. We better not take a free weekend for granted.......We will also be Christmas shopping!!! Hopefully I can cover some serious ground Saturday morning. I still cant decide what to get my two year old for Christmas....I have a few ideas but nothing I'm DEAD SET on .... anyone have any ideas???

ps. Excited to see Harry Potter..... yes proud participant of the "Nerd herd"

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