Thursday, December 2, 2010

OH Gracy......

So last night my mom called and asked to speak to Gracy:

My mom (Nana) : Cici you ready for nana to come pick you up?
Nana: can you get your shoes on and your coat on?
Nana: K ill be over soon.
Gracy: Fun mom, cici have fun with Nana, papa and shoes!

So I got ready for my volleyball games and Gracy proceeded to put her shoes on and her coat...seriously by herself cuz nana told her to.

After my games I came in the door and Danny said Gracy was waiting for me in bed to tuck her in.

Me: hey sissy, what did you do today with Nana and papa?
Gracy: Mommuh, so fun,
Me: you had so much fun?
Gracy: yes yes -- did! (she was so excited she couldnt even speak)
Gracy: cedeees (mercedese cousin) Marsha (aunt) puhCorn ....Movies. FUN! Donalds (mcDonalds) so Fun. k...Nigh nigh, kiss, Bye uve you!

I had to document this ... she actually was able to tell me what she had been the order it happened. How amazing is that for a 2 year old to do. And not only that have a perfectly reasonable conversation on the phone with my mom. Then she was shoowing me out the door so she could sleep, I was really trying to contain my giggles the entire time. I LOVE this little girl. How did I get so lucky.


Clark and Amy said...

How cute is that?! She is getting so big!

JD & Whitney said...

thats so precious!

Tiffany said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever heard of! She is so stinkin smart, she totally cracks me up! I miss her so much, I wish she was here running in circles around my stairs! Miss you!