Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a woman.....

A Mother is a person seeing there are only 4 pieces of pie for 5 people, promptly announces that she never really cared for pie!~ Tenneva Jordan.
This describes my mother. I don't know how many times she went without so we could have everything.

December 3rd was my mom's birthday.... This woman is in so many ways my hero. I adore her. She has made me who I am today. She is so beautiful....physically, mentally and emotionally. Something I remember the most are those nights I was sick as a little girl. I remember laying there sick with a fever and just loving the touch of her cool hands on my forehead. I love how everything was homemade and delicious, especially hand ground cinnamon wheat bread. How our house was ALWAYS clean and tidy and again....something delicious filling the house with an aroma the neighbors could smell. I remember her helping me put together my bug collection in 4th grade, she hunted the bugs with me, so we could find bugs the other kids wouldn't have in theirs. all of the things that meant the most to us kids was her #1 agenda, and the best part that I am all grown up, its still the same. I can call my mom and tell her Gracy's latest adventure and she is just oooing and awwing with me. I cant help but realize the mother that made my own mother great....Grandma laura was also one of those divine individuals in my life that I have to thank, I love the person she raised my mother to be and Through these wonderful women I hope to maybe even be half as amazing as them and raise my own little girl with the privileges that I had growing up. Its so weird to transition from being your parents Mrs. Bingham and being a mom myself. I still cant believe Im a mom. It blows my mind at times. I LOVE IT, but...The best thing about having her 10 minutes away .... I can drop in and she babies me like she did when I was 5. She warms me up some leftovers and lets me escape from the web of reality. I think everyone should have a place like that. I love you mom and I am so proud and thankful of the example youve set for me.
Way to Rock the 50's like a champ, Happy birthday mom. !!!!

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Tiffany Grady said...

What a sweet post, and it's the truth! Totally made me cry. :) What can we say, we have a good mom!