Monday, May 2, 2011

Tissue Topiaries and Gracy on Sunday

Danny was gone again Saturday and so I tried making the tissue topiaries that you see on every other blog lol. They are pretty fun to make but a little more expensive than I thought they would be. The foam ball was 10$ at wal-mart . everything else was about 1 dollar. Its a fun new texture in Gracy's room. I need to make like two more for a good asymetrical look, three just doesnt seem to get the look I wanted .

I had to throw in a picture of this cute dress my sister in law let us borrow. It just fits Gracy perfectely. She looked like a little pincess so I had to snap a few. She is REALLY hard to get a good picture of her these days. She ignores me when I pull out the camera.


Clark and Amy said...

Gracy looks so cute! And I love the topiaries.

Stan & Ash said...

Cute I love them!!!

Tiffany said...

The topiaries turned out SO CUTE! I wish we could get together and make some more. I would love to make some for B's room. Good job crafty pants! Gracy looks so cute in her little dress. I can't wait to see her. Tell her aunt Tiff misses her. I know what you mean about ignoring the camera. So frustrating! :) Try having her sing a song with you when you are taking a picture. That works sometimes with B. All the pictures you get are totally cute. Miss you guys bad!

Malenadu said...

Cute girl and nice place and photographs.
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