Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Break :(

WHAT I HAVENT BLOGGED SINCE JUNE! haha. Everyone does it. Sometimes you just get so behind, you start realizing how many photos you need to post and how many activities have blown uhhhh...THE ENTIRE SUMMER. Oh well. heres whats been going on.

My Baby is now a full blown 3 year old....since June 30th..... I KNOW RIGHT.... and she definatley is 3...who said 2 was hard? because three is seriously a suprise when it comes. This little girl can talk your ear off, CHEW your ear off and LOVE your ear off all in the span of 5 minutes.

some of the famous Gracy lines

-Hey I bought this at the Wal-marts.
-mom will my dreams come true?
-uuuhhhcuzzzz frank did it.
-We dont eat poop k.
-I have bad dreams with mean bugs.
-I a queen-- Mom a princess.
-Im sorry your heiness.

I had Grac signed up for Tumbling this summer and she did great!  She is hilarious and a little awkward like her mom lol. But really a great little athlete. Her teachers said she had strong tummy muscles lol. (funny but im proud of her strong tummy muscles) Towards the end she did alot better with following directions and staying in line with her class. A perfect little activity for a 3 year old. Although I really think they should make a 3 year old Arobics class ..... NON _STOP moving. I think that would tire her out a little better. lol.

The Neola Rodeo was a RIOT this year.....want to know why? Gracy and her cousins got to chase rabbits in the dirt-thats why lol. They were hilarious. Best memories are made with family : ) and some good BBq chicken :) Side note my little nephew Bridger got his first "mutten bustin" (sp?) experience, It was my favorite thing to watch. love that little maniac, he totally is to.

4th of July was alot of fun, finally got to see the famous Neola parade, it was really pretty good. It was like the 90's came back, they were throwing icy pops and candy and had squirt guns and the kids LOVED it, I love that everything is SUCH a big deal with a 3 year old.....its like their first time they actually understand whats going on and can participate. Makes being a mom pretty cool. PS. did I tell ya how fun the Binghams are? Its like a shot of caffeine from an IV there lol. NON-stop fun.

Sleep over with Gracy's older cousins. (she worships them) Addie and Annie :) they are dolls. And I cant wait for them to come over again, Those girls took care of EVERYTHING, they even did Gracy's hair for me.

More Bouncy fun at the Bingham reunion. That picture of Danny with his legs in the air kills me. And yes danny EVERY year starts up the wrestling tradition, someday all those boys are going to grow up and take him down....probabley with INjuries. I thought Danny and Jonny were going to just collapse and die at some point.

The Grady's came to visit, Its my favorite holiday ...... I call it the "sister" holiday lol I finally get to see Tiff and her family. Its sooo not fair they live in KC missouri.

Soooo The reason for all of the Family time (on the Gardner side) Is because my baby brother had his MISSION FAIRWELL, he has already been at the MTC for a month. Its really bittersweet. I was able to pack grace and I up in the car with my parents to take rhet to the mtc and spend one more day together. I was a mess, Rhet was a super hero as usual. What an amazing person he is. Argentina should feel pretty lucky to get him Ide say. Hes just a good kid. We all love him and miss him so much. I LOVE it saves my life . I love writing rhet electronically. Makes things so much easier. Plus you can get on the website and read a ton of hilarious dear john letters. oh they are funny.

Boating with the Whitmer family and the Bird Family
Gypsy mamma find.....Love it in my kitchen :) plus I re=finished my Granny Lauras old Bench for my porch.:)

We took Sis to the Zoo.... She loved it. We all loved it.

Gracy had her friend Bri over on an afternoon and had alot of fun. Its new to have someone younger over :) we love little bri shes a doll. :) that is our summer in a nut-shell. Leaving some things out and not posting nearly enough photos :) Thats life. I guess I better get back to it.


Ashli Paynter said...

k uh your family photo is so freaking cute. I love Gracy's long hair she is so cute. We miss you I can't believe she is already 3. We really do need to get together some time at least before our girl's start High School! haha. Really its ridiculous how long it has been. Hope you guys are doing well. Love you!

Tiffany said...

How is she so cute in every picture?!? Looks like a fun summer, but I think you missed a trip to KC and post pictures about that, totally would have made the post better. Love ya.

Kami said...

Love your blog. :)