Tuesday, July 21, 2009

High Uintahs

Danny and I finally made it on our 2 year Anniversary date :) I loved every minute of it....well maybe the last few miles home were a little grooling but I did have a TON of fun. I have always loved horses and loved riding them. Never really got to go on a "real" ride though, just in the neighbors field and around the neighborhood as a kid. I guess I married into the right family, cuz this was as real as it gets lol. Our hopeful destination was Lilly Pad lake, for some reason when we got up there we could see the lake but couldnt get the horses in there, so we traveled another couple miles up to the East Chain lake. By this time, I honestly didnt believe I could get myself off of this horse.....I was so saddle sore, riding 15 miles straight. Although after seeing the lake it was soooo worth it. We took our fishing poles and a couple cans of soup, best soup I ever had :) So a few bumps in the road .......... the horse I was riding (bud, the paint) decided to just lay down in the middle of the trail and roll over.....he just had an itch .......couldnt help himself i guess.....anyway........not a very experienced rider I bailed off a little scared but totally willing to get back on .......then on the way home he did it again. I cant even imagine how ridiculous I looked, flailing my arms and rolling in the dirt to save myself lol. Also Jake the horse danny rode threw a shoe on the way home......poor danny had to walk almost 10 miles all the way home. I also got peed on by a frog.......I guess I asked for it :) Thanks to my sister-in-law....she let me borrow her sweet boots for the ride. :) I wish I would have taken more pictures. It was next to impossible for me to snap pictures while I was trying to drive that huge animal...so I took what I could. Thanks Danny for taking me and working so hard for our trip.


Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

what a fun trip! i'm jealous. I love imagining you throwing your arms into the air while being rolled off the horse! lol what a experience. congrats on the 2 years, how fun is it being married to the man of your dreams?! It's the best isn't it?

JACOB and WHITNEY said...

Gotta love those long high uinta trips. The views are always amazing and so is the time spent with the hubby. Wow two years!

Stan & Ash said...

congrats on 2 years!! Hah sorry but i couldn't stop laughing with the horse story..lol. Im glad i got to see you the other day and i'm glad you had such a good anniversary! Your pics are so cute~