Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to my sweetheart! just a few of my favorite things about Danny.

1. He is the Best Dad in the world (Gracy adores him and most of the time prefers him over me)
2. Extremely hard worker (
3. Self Driven
4. intelligent
5. masters multi tasking........(runs a side business and a day time job wonderfully)
6. Plays as hard as he works
7. has patience of steel
8. is always asking me "how I feel"
9. he still flexes in front of the mirror sometimes :)
10. Great at his church calling.
11. LOVES to read.
12. he enjoys date night as much as I do, we usually hit a movie and both can talk about it for hours after.
13. NEVER forgets to kiss me goodnight.
14. once in a while he will hold my hand in public.....that is Huge to show a little PDA
15. he picks me out clothes
16. he goes in to gracy's room every night after she is asleep and re-tucks her in.
17. LOVES animals, i always have to say NO to all the dogs he wants to save and bring home.
18. makes me do push up and crunches with him.
19. Danny has the soul of an old 80 year old mountain man.
20. LOVES all kinds of food, we are always watching the Lydia's Italy or Julia child's show and cooking some kind of foreign food and enjoying it together.

Did I mention that I LOVE this guy?

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Tiffany said...

I love that Danny has the soul of an 80 year old mountain man too. I also like that he loves Sasquach and chupacabras. I think those are his best qualities.