Thursday, June 17, 2010


A few things have helped me keep the sanity lately :) when I can I go Back to the old studio and do makeup appointments for Betty ..... its really my true outlet. Thanks to danny he is more than supportive. Plus it doesn't hurt to make a few bucks here and there doing something I love. :)
sometimes a neon nail polish usually unleashes the wild side in me :) I have to get it out of my system somehow. I thought Prince of Persia was really entertaining, the special effects were mesmerising and it was a fairly clean movie :) Fun escape from reality. Plus Danny used to play the video game ALL the time.

Oh the things they come up with to get our kids to brush their teeth :) LOVE the Blinking toothbrushes. Sometimes gracy cries when I take hers away.

My indulgence lately is this delicious bucket of goodness. This tastes like homemade Rice pudding that your Grandma would make. I personally could down an entire bucket in one sitting. And for those people that are calorie counting there is only like 120 calories in the whole container ;) mmmm.

I have been relying on AE online to do some shopping. I LOVE THEM, they also have size charts so you can for sure get your size. They have the perfect fitting t-shirts. thats pretty much all I wear.

This stuff is seriously the diamond in the detergent Isle, Gracy's skin gets so irritated and dry with brands like Tide and Gain and even he Great Value brand really brings out the Eczema in the skin. But DREFT is so amazing and it smells soooo good. I even use it on our clothes. It is a bit pricer but I print off coupons online and it ends up being about the same price as Gain. :) Try this product for sure :)


Tiffany said...

You should totally start a separate movie review blog since you see every movie there is! I would read it. I would die for a makeover right now, I really miss going to Merle Norman, BAD! How do you get Gracy to brush with that toothbrush? Bailey just chews on the blinking end.

JD & Whitney said...

I love the blinking toothbrush! Dreft huh?! I haven't even heard of it! Mason used to be really allergic to those brands too. poor babies! You're so gorgeous! I'm glad you're doing makeup, its so fun!