Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gracy is 2!!!!!

Gracy thought her Birthday cake was so cool. Im glad she liked it because we had quit the time making it. She was so patient before digging into the cake.
I think she consumed around 4 cupcakes, sheesh, it took a while for the sugar to ware off.

My sister coco and my mom helped me bake all of this cake we needed, I dont think it would have happened with out them .

Look how cute they are. :)

We had a good time with all the Neon frosting.

Final cup cake tower.

Gracy hasn't stopped playing with all of her new toys !!!!

She is so funny, she was teasing me with those little mr. potato head glasses all morning,

Our little girl is 2 years old!!!! she is our entire world. I do miss her as a tiny little baby, but I am in love with her 2 year old stage. It is so fun when she runs up to me and says what she is thinking. there is nothing cuter than two year old talk. We had little party for her at the remember the main park and invited all the grandma and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins and a few Friends and just ate cake and watermelon, nothing to fancy this year :) I think she loved it just the same though. She was so cute blowing out her candles and so excited to see her flower cake. I am so proud of Gracy and LOVE to show her off. just a few things I love about her right now.
she is really good at entertaining herself and using her imagination.

I love how she folds her arms when a prayer is being said. and then tries to mumble her own little prayer ( think she picked that up from cousin Bailey)

When i tell her to go get into bed at night she cries and drags herself into her covers sobbing but excepts the rules.
sometimes puts herself into time-out
wants to be just like the big kids.
is a GREAT eater, but prefers hot dogs .....even for breakfast.
she is fearless
she is Beautiful, her platinum blond hair and those big blue eyes just melt me.
She is already a little athlete
I love that she picks up on Danny's mannerisms and thinks her dad is the most amazing person on this earth.
I love the rare hugs and kisses I get randomly
I love how concerned she is for someone who is crying
she adores her Grandpas and Grandmas and her Greats.
she says HI to everyone at wal-mart and waves her hand even if they are inches away.
She is such good buddies with Nacho
She LOVES the out-doors and would play in water infinitely.
She sleeps in her big girl bed ......just like a big girl.
she loves makeup and dresses just as much as playing in the mud and squishing bugs
She teaches herself words everyday, such a smartypants.
I had my sisterinlaw take a few family photos on Sunday. ... so more photos to come.


JD & Whitney said...

oh my gosh she is so cute!!! happy birthday!

Kay's said...

Happy Birthday Gracy!! She is so cute!! That is so funny about the hotdogs for breakfast, because Bryckmen and Cooper and even my nephews do that exact thing, i love it, kids are so funny, as long as they eat something right? doesn't matter what it is!! By the way i am so glad you love the name Cooper, that would be awesome if you used it someday.

Tiffany said...

The cake turned out super cute!!! I'm so sad I couldn't be there for her birthday, please give her a big bday hug and kiss from Aunt Tiff. I can't get over how pretty she looks in the top pictures with her hair all cute and blonde and the black flower. She is so stinkin cute I can't get over it. And those potato head glasses totally crack me up! I miss that little girl!!!! I can't believe our babies are 2 already!

The Aldridges said...

What a lucky girl to be born on June 30th! Gracy is a doll! Tell her the Mr Potato Head glasses look marvelous on her. So funny!When are you guys coming out to Missouri again?