Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UBT Inc......Adios`

Danny and I have been on quit the roller coaster ride with our little side business. In fact it was really the start of how we actually met! Thought I would post the story just for the record. :)

So Jon and Linda (Danny's parents) and my parents started a natural gas analytical lab (UBT inc.) over ten years ago. It was allot of work for them to get it going but it really took off and was successful for a long time. Danny and I had never met until our parents had the great idea to set us up after he got home from his mission. We went on a few (rocky) first dates and of course ended up hitting it off. It still baffles me to this day, we are so different but get along so well. who would of thought I would marry a blond haired farm boy from Neola Ut, lol. I just love it. Danny is really the only one on this earth that can deal with me\understand me. I honestly believe that. ... so we got married....had a baby.....and our parents the wonderful people they are gave us a chance of a lifetime and we took over "UBT inc." I feel like I was able to be educated on a hands on level I wouldn't have ever gotten anywhere else. I understand how amazing and difficult it is to be a small business owner. I learned how taxes work and what is expected. I was floored by the capabilities of my husband and how smart he is. I also have so much more respect for my parents and in-laws on how hard they worked for us kids. It has been nothing but a great experience for us. We also knew that after being successful for so long.....Technology also grows and eventually dropped some of our business. With Danny's new job that is becoming more and more time consuming we all decided it would be best to start dissolving things. Well miracles happen and we had a few people interested in buying.!!! So as of today February 1st we have officially sold our business! I didn't realize how UBT had effected my life and the people around me. I'm so eternally thankful for wonderful family that gave us the opportunity and for the education it has blessed us with. I'm also thankful for a husband that is more than capable to run it successfully and for his patience with me, I'm also thankful for quick books hahaha. So adios' UBT, thank you for being good to us.


Stan & Ash said...

Congrats on the sell! I bet that is such a huge relief.

Tiffany said...

Ciao UBT! Onto bigger and better!

The Batty's said...

yay! now we can play more.