Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and shinanigans.

Easter was fun this year, we attempted fishing on Brough, but unortunatley Brough was to rough lol I think Im funny. The wind was horrible and it was a bit cold. but we got to go and throw out a few lines and see the beautiful scenery. We went up to the old "spot" to spend the day with the Gardner family and rode four wheelers and played horse shoes. Gracy and her little buddy Addi were so cute. Its always so much fun to have a cousin to play with. The Rhino (SP?) was a big hit with everyone. Infact I saw danny's mouth water a few times. Im affraid if we are stuck in this house for much longer we may have to get one of those lol. The girls looked so cute strapped in there. We found a pretty little Great horned owl peeking through the rocks, I am still laughing when Corinne my sis drove up to see the owl....."EWW SICK" haha I have no idea why an owl is "sick" but anyway, animals have always freaked her out. Gracy sported the dress Nana made her :) Its pretty cute.

A few days before my mom hosted the "Snoop sisters" lunch date. They have one every Tuesday. The snoop sisters are my Grandma Gardner (Gammy) and her sisters lol. They are a hoot. We usually have something fun for lunch and then do some sort of craft and just chat. Its so fun to keep in touch with everyone. I just love my family. Its such a treat to live in the same town and be able to spend time with them.

I had to throw a picture of Franky checking on Gracy in the tub. lol. PS> Nacho got fixed WAHOOO no more strays in the back yard. :)


Ashli Paynter said...

I cant believe how big Gracie is getting! We need to get together. We haven't seen you guys in like a year. That is way to long! Hope you guys are doing good!

Tiffany said...

I can't believe how long Gracy's hair is, she is so cute. That pic is so cute with them strapped in the back of the rhino. And that picture of Uncle Roni is so funny. I swear that's what he does in every picture. When I think of him, that's what I picture in my mind. haha I love the tub picture. Maybe Frank and Bailey and Gracy can take a bath this summer. Miss you guys! You shouldn't be having so much fun without us.