Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To HIM!

Danny Boy turned 27 years old on Tuesday! (4/12/11) I just love this guy. In honor of his Day of Birth :) I have to brag on him a little bit right? Well he has been so busy at work, he once in a while fills me in on whats happening and he really has set some amazing sales records and always finds more mountains to climb and defeat. It amazes me how self driven Danny is. I also love that when he is home he does the best he can to spend time with Gracy and I. I listened to him bare his testimony in church last Sunday and I was so proud of him. I sat there looking at him and realized how strong and spiritual and smart the guy I married is. I feel pretty lucky. He really helps me be a better person. I'm so thankful for that

Well Danny is still having stomach issues and we finally got him to go in and get a stomach scope to check things out (Thanks Clark). We are relieved to acually find something we can treat! He has Barrets disease. his esophogus is widened at the base opening connected to his stomach creating a pocket for his Reflux to bubble up even further. (this is how it was explained to me anyway) They do have a surgury for it but Doc. Smith didnt recomend it (thankfully) so Danny is going on a diet and has new eating habbits, This is great, now maybe we will both lose a few pounds this way lol.

I know he never reads our blog so I have to mention this.... still laughing at when he came out of anesthesia! he was suddenly this huge chatterbox. He was talking to Doc. Smith about Going to Africa with him for "The big Hunt" ha haha.....the Doc. was like ... OK DANNY >> U BET! Oh and I think Linda (my Mother-in-law) got an ear full about our first date Bahhaha. Thankfully it wasn't to embarrassing. Usually Danny is so reserved and never pops off like that. OH I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA!! Oh well. He is sleeping it all off and will be good as new tomorrow.


Dave and Alisha said...

I didnt know Dave and Dannys bday were so close, and thought dave wouldnt either. but he did I guess they were together on the mission for the bdays so they had steak (cute right?!?)
Anyway happy bday danny. go have a steak.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Sorry you're so old. Hope your guts get better soon.

Jillian said...

Ha ha, you know you want to go on an African hunt too Nicky ;) Come on, admit it!