Thursday, November 6, 2008

Girls Day!!!

Tuesday night my sister Corinne decided to take Wednesday off and come out to spend the day with my mom, Gracy and I. We are all pretty ready for the holidays because we all miss the "family time" . We had so much fun, we just kind of enjoyed the day, Corinne and Gracy and I went to a new clothing store in vernal while my mom stopped by her work to check a few emails. We hit wal-mart to pick up some ingredients and then went home to bake cookies and watch a chick flick. We watched "PS I love you" I have to say I really wasn't a fan of it, honestly like chick flicks, I don't know if its after baby hormones or what but It was sooo sad......too sad to watch, really, I don't recommend it. But I loved spending time with Corinne and mom. She also made Gracy a little pink tutu, its sooo cute. I forgot my camera but I think my mom snapped a picture ill have to post it later.

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Ryan & Tiffany said...

I am so jealous! I miss you guys bad!!! No having fun without me!