Sunday, November 9, 2008


My little girl is growing up, Gracy had her 4 month last week and we got the OK to start rice cereal. Poor thing also got another round of shots so she hasn't been herself, she seems to be doing better though :) I called my sister the other day to see how her baby Bailey is doing, her and Gracy are only 3 days apart and they have been starting new things at the same time. I just wish we lived closer. They are both reaching for things and laughing and its just a cool thing to watch them go through it together. I love it. This is Grandma Linda she seems to know how to make the cereal so Gracy will eat it, I havent had any luck so far :)


Ryan & Tiffany said...

How cute!!! I love her pigtails. I keep hoping Bailey will grow enough hair for pigtails. :) I wish we livedloser too!!!

Whitney Jeanne said...

Nicky G-Slice! How are you? I can't believe you have a little girl! She is SO cute! I'm oh so happy for you and I miss you!