Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Birthday Date,

Danny took me on my birthday date Monday night, even though its not till 14th, Monday was the only night we have free. Anway, it was so fun, I really forgot how to go on an actual date for while there. lol. My mom and dad took Gracy to the singles ward family homeevening with them and we were free for like .......5 whole hours! Danny took me to maurices and I spent some of my Birthday money and then we shared a bucket of chicken and just talked forever! about rediculous things. It was so nice lol. I just love feeling like we are in college again with no bills or taxes, :) We just had fun being together. Then we hit the movies. Having it be a Monday night we had the theater all to our selves !!!! It was so hilarious, the movie was so lame but we had more fun laughing out loud and making fun of the actors and being completley juvinile for the two hours we sat there. I just love danny so much, he always knows how to have fun and relaxe and forget about reality for a while. After dates like this I remember why we are so perfect for each other. :) I didnt even take pictures :( but it was fun anyway.


JD & Whitney said...

aw! thats so fun! happy birthday (when it comes!)

Mark and Sheridan said...

It sound like you guys had a really good time on your night out. I love having conversations like that with mark. Its so nice. So about my hip, from loosening up so much and getting ready my right one became completely dis located. I couldn't walk by myself or anything. all i could do was just lay here on my left side only. I needed help with EVERYTHING. I was making 2 trips a day to the chiroprator. We got it in the beggining of last week and it has stayed. Now im just super super sore. Im doing ok now. thank goodness. Mason will be here in about 5 days or so. We will let you guys know!

Brett and Diane said...

Sounds like a perfect night. It's fun to spend time alone every once in a while with your hubby. I love those nights.