Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

First of all I have to post great news, Gracy lou has finally cut her first tooth on Saturday :) She has had the hardest time teething, I think shes been in pain for an entire month now, its so funny because she will wince in pain and then laugh afterwards, I dont know how I was blessed with such a good natured little girl. She is so good. Its funny how some babies will just suddenly have teeth and its no big deal and some babies its seriously like fighting a war lol :) Bailey my niece already has 3 teeth! and they just were magically there one day lol. Her teeth make her look so grown up, I'm excited to see Gracy with them to :)

Saturday morning my mom and I took my Grandma to the Women's conference. Richard Paul Evens spoke. He is the Author of "The Christmas Box". I have to say It was seriously a huge honor to be able to hear the things he had to say. I have a confession and I feel like a horrible person for saying this but, its been along time since I have REALLY REALLY gotten something out of a talk, and really felt the spirit. This man is an amazing person and put alot of things in perspective for me. He talked alot about forgiveness and the blessings that come from it. His stories are so graphic but it just gave me a reminder to forgive, and not just say it but ot feel it and truly mean it. He also talked about Not trying or doing something because of the fear of Failure. This hit me at home plate. I grew up and was raised to always make SAFE decisions and always just stay SAFE", Well I still believe that is true, but how are you supposed to get ahead in life with out going out on a limb, or making yourself vulnerable to the world. This really clarified some things in our life. And helped Danny and i make some tough decisions that we just couldn't makeup our minds. Its amazing how important it is to attend church meetings because they are ment for inspirations and learning. I love the church and am so grateful I am a member. I hope I can teach my own family as well as I was taught growing up. For those of you that weren't able to attend you should read "The Christmas Box" or "The Dancer" by Richard Paul Evens. Its totally inspiring

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Eric and Elizabeth said...

I am so happy for Gracie to have a tooth. Teething for Brianna was miserable. I celebrated when the last tooth came in. She is such a cute happy baby. Thanks for the birthday sentiments on Diane's blog. And you are not a horrible visiting teacher. I am thankful to have you as my friend!!!