Monday, April 6, 2009


We had such a great vacation this last week. Unfortunatley poor Gracy decided to start cutting her 2nd tooth and woke up the morning we needed to leave with a fever of 102. you can see how miserable she was. I was so proud of her, she was such a good girl the entire way there. We were driving to Mesa AZ and it took about 14 1\2 hours to get there. (we had a few potty breaks for the kids). Gracy just rode in her car seat and never complained. (on the way home was a different story) It wasnt as warm as I would have hoped it was. it probabley got to about 85 degrees in mesa and It was soooo nice. Nights were a little bit cold, im so glad I packed warm clothes for Gracy :) We went through Hoover Damn, none of us had ever seen it and so we thought we would drive through that way nad through Vegas. It was pretty cool.
This was amazing to see, they were building a new bridge near Hoover damn. it gave me the willeys just looking at it. Living in good old vernal you dont really get to see the engineering you usually get to see in big city's :)

This is Gracy starting to feel better :) her little spirit is coming back :) she really was Zombie-like for a few days :)

We hit the Mesa Easter Pageant and it was amazing. Its pretty cool what the church offers the public. Alot of investigaters were there with the missionaries. I think its a really great way to get people there and interested. There were also alot of protesters that looked alot like an angery mob to me. lol. funny how its getting more and more common to see people on the side of the road with pickett sighns.

Me and Danny at the pageant :) we both got a little sun that day. Danny and his family are alot of fun to travel with. The drive is half of the fun of vacationing :) Im so glad we got to go. We rode in Jon and Linda's truck so we could fit all of our stuff in the back. we had so much fun eating junk and sight seeing :)

Danny insisted on Driving alot of the trip, (so much like my dad its not even funny). He took Gracy back to the truck early after the pageant and we came back to this. So She thought she needed to drive the whole trip.!!! She wants to be big like her daddy :)

We went to this park with Botanical Gardens and it also had a zoo and some hiking trails. It had a bunch of crazy Glass sculptures of plants andstuff. It looked really neat in the sun. Kinda wierd though to see a bunch of plants and then glass ones in the middle. anyway, it was a huge perk for me to get a little art in.

My sister and brother in law live in Mesa, so we got to see them a little while we were there. unfortunatley their work schedules were off so we only got them one at a time lol. It was so nice to see them though. from left to right. Cousin Annie, Linda, Jon, Danny, Gracy, and Clark.

This was Gracy's favorite place to be. of course with her daddy on his shoulders, cuz she thinks shes such a big girl :)

I think Ive seen this one in SLC, anyway it was like this huge glass bush thing lol. again alot cooler in real life >

Linda was so good with Gracy, its funny how Grandma just knows lol. She tickled Gracy's face almost the entire time we were in the truck. It really helped Gracy feel better and go to sleep.

Well this is "Out of Africa" it was really neat to see. There was alot of people interaction with all the animals and you get to be a little more closer than you do in a real zoo. the animals have acre's and acre's to roam in and they were huge and so so beautiful. Its amazing how different they look than Zoo animals, just so much more healthy and strong looking.

We packed alot of sandwich making stuff, we had alot of kids to feed so so were always stopping to make pb and j's and ham sandwiches in the parking lots. Look how cute my nieces and nephews are. Kaylee (triplet) Annie, Chase (triplet) and Alexis (triplet).

They had a few shows that were really neat. Nothing was planned they just let some tigers loose with a few people and they just played together for like 45 min. Jumping into the water together and it was pretty amazing how the tigers would totally tackle someone and pin them down. But the tigers were really fun to watch. Gracy wasnt really that interested lol. She liked watching the people more.

I dont know if you can tell but there is a man underneath that tiger. He totally pinned him down lol it was really funny.

Anyone seen Madagascar 2? King Julianne :) He was totally posing for us.

This Lion was amazing! they named him Lazarus. He was still born and after 30 minutes of CPR they brought him back to life. he put on quit a show. He would just ROAR when people would come by and he would shake his main. Pretty Powerful animal. You could feel his roar in your chest like Bass on speakers. pretty neat.

They had another show with the Grizzly bears. They were just babies thank goodness. but I did get a really cool video ill have to post later of them playing around.

Gracy had a really hard time the last 30 minutes to get to neola. so Danny let her REALLY drive. She was pretty happy to get out of that car seat. I feel so bad because every time she even sees her car seat she cries !!! Its now torture to put her in there.

Happy girl. I am sooo glad to be home in my own bed. but so Glad we were able to make it. we all had so much fun. We are so thankful for Jon and linda putting up with us, between gracy's blowouts and my hungry belly, we stopped quit a bit. :) Love you guys!


Brett and Diane said...

What a fun trip. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. You are very brave to drive that long with a little one. When we went to Glenwood Spring, CO after we got there Jaxson would cry if we went to put him back in his car seat, so sad. I love the picture of Gracy driving. Jaxson is really into steering wheels too.

Jillybean said...

You went to the Mesa pageant? That's so great! It makes me excited to be in the Hill Cumorah one in New York... only 86 more days!!

Dave & Alisha said...

how fun Im sure it was great to be in warm weather!! Im jealous of that but not the drive.. Im like the baby and I dont do well with long drives I would rather pay money and fly.. but still a fun trip.

Lance and Jessie Spiers said...

What a fun trip! I love the picture of Gracie driving with her dad, and how she has her hand on the steering wheel. She looks so grown up! What an adorable little family you are!

JD & Whitney said...

oh that is so much fun! I absolutely love all the pictures. Gracy is too freakin cute, i can't handle it! and that tiger! I wish I could've seen it. I'm so jealous. I want a trip!

Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! She is so freaking cute. I love the way you do her little pony tails.I'm glad she is feeling better! I am so scared for when Bently starts to really teeth.I'm glad you guys got back safe and had so much fun.

JD & Whitney said...

thanks! Merle has been slow, unfortunately. I hope it will all pick up soon!

Clark and Amy said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!! Your sooo OLD! It was really fun to see you guys, I wish we could have hung out more. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.